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  • New picture of MOLTON, an arena map remixed from The Rig arriving June 29th! Great place to get sweaty! https://t.co/df6Ur8bNBM
  • Our Community Favorite Map voting system has returned today! Details on how to participate: https://t.co/wn52G3LsHD https://t.co/0V7Ygyesre
  • Some new pictures of the upcoming Forge canvas, TIDAL releasing next week! Perfect setting for summer! https://t.co/9OyR1faknR
  • Warzone Firefight will add the first UNSC flying vehicle to Halo 5’s sandbox, the WASP. Available in forge as well! https://t.co/D2YOpc8cg3
  • A water based forge canvas called 'TIDAL' will be included in the next Halo 5 update and it looks stunning! 🌴 🌴🌴 https://t.co/uJzItbGOHz