Sep 11, 2017
  • Scripting is a type of user level object manipulation, first featured in 'Halo 2: Anniversary', and included with Forge in the Infinity's Armory update to 'Halo 5: Guardians'. It reappeared in the Windows 10 release of Forge, 'Halo 5: Forge'.

    In Halo 5: Guardians, scripting is used by Forgers to manipulate objects. Much like the game dev counterpart, scripting involves sequences of "When" (Conditions) and "Do" (Actions). With the scripting interface, players input "When" Condition(s), which upon validation, triggers "Do" Action(s). Scripts allow Forgers to make their maps function dynamically by tracking events, moving and rotating object(s), sending message(s), and more.

    Objects can have up to 8 scripts added to them.
    Triggers whenever the object spawns, including:
    • Start of a Forge session
    • Match start
    • Start of each round
    • Caused by a Spawn script action
    • Caused by an object's Respawn property
    • Doesn’t trigger when a Spawn script action attempts to spawn an object that is already spawned
    • May trigger when a Spawn action would spawn a despawned object, but a higher number Despawn action overrides it.
    • All objects are spawned at the beginning of every round, about 13 seconds before players spawn in round one and 5 seconds before in later rounds. The Spawned condition can be used to set up objects before players are on the map (similar to how the On Round condition originally worked).
    • Player presence can delay or cancel spawns, except when using the Spawn action with the Force parameter turned on.
    • There is not currently a way to delay objects from spawning at the start of a round. Objects can be excluded from specific gametypes, but they can't be spawned at all if this is done. So the Spawned condition will trigger for all objects on the map at the start of every round.

    Triggers whenever the object despawns, including:
    • Falling into a map's deletion barrier.
    • Caused by a Spawn script action
    • Caused by an object's Despawn property

    • Will not trigger when deleted by a forger.
    • May trigger when object is excluded in excluded gametypes.
    • Despawned objects may still be represented, i.e. objects with boundary checks will continue checking when despawned.