Numbers (Miscellaneous Notes)

Mar 13, 2020
Numbers (Miscellaneous Notes)
  • Here's a collection of notes, functional description, gotchas, etc to help with possibly the most complicated part of Halo 5 scripting: Numbers. This is only a slightly organized dump of all kinds of Number scripting info, provided in the hopes that some disorganized info provides more help than confusion. Also in hopes that we/you/anyone will get back to this effort and make Forgehub ma and pa proud.

    Item 1: The Most Important Thing Comes First(top)

    How do I edit this stuff again? What are them codes and how do I speak in them? How do I speak in tongues if my tongue's gotta be the one in... my mouth, when I speak? It's a conundumb.

    [template=] [/template]

    Templates, amiright?