Getting Help

Aug 7, 2018
Getting Help
  • Forgehub is a very large and helpful community always willing to help any newcomers to the game or the site itself. Below are a list of resources that will help you in any forging endeavors you might have.

    Forgehub Staff
    This link above will provide you a list of all the staff members here on Forgehub who are more than willing to help you with anything involved with the site, any events going on in the community, or just general advice and help needed with Halo. If they aren't able to help you in whatever you need, you can be assured that they will point you to someone who will.
    Also, pro tip: Any people with their names colored Orange, Yellow, or Red are staff members!

    Testing Lobbies
    Below are a list of various testing lobbies that will help test any of your Halo 5 forge maps. Most of them run weekly and will play your map guaranteed as long as you follow their submission requirements on their thread. Check out each of their threads (linked on their name) for more information on submission guidelines, schedules, etc.
    HSFN/iForge Custom Testing Lobby
    Run by Brusky0086, the Halo Spark Forge Network and the iForge team dedicates a lot of their time to testing player created maps submitted to them. Unlike the other testing lobbies, this lobby runs different types of maps throughout the entire week.

    Totally Tubular Testing Tuesday
    Mr High Hopes and his alliterated testing lobby are looking to have some fun while giving quality feedback to those who submit their maps to his lobby every week on Tuesday.

    The Thursday 13 Map Testing Lobby
    The Thursday 13 is run by one of the staff members here on Forgehub, Ascend Hyperion. It runs every week on Thursday playing 13 of his homeslice's maps each week (hence the name Thursday 13).

    Max Extra's Forged Friday
    Run by the founder himself, Max Extra's Forged Friday runs (you guessed it) every. Forged Friday is the longest running testing lobby on this site and has helped test over 800+ maps for the community, some of them finding their way into matchmaking.

    Test Time Saturday
    ZombieDyer5 and his forge group F-Con hosts weekly testing lobbies and plays any kind of map you are willing to throw at them. ZombieDyer5 has also been known to give reviews with quality feedback on any maps submitted to his lobby with a map thread on Forgehub!

    What are you Working On?
    LINK to thread

    "What are you Working On" or WAYWO is a very active thread that looks to showcase any projects, design concepts, or general ideas about forge. Many of the active users within the thread are very willing to provide feedback or advice on anything posted so check out the link and read more information on what WAYWO has to offer.
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