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    Description: "This zoo, now abandoned, was the site of many Insurrectionist looting efforts. 2-6 players."


    Hey guys!

    I have a new map I'm working on, it's a small symmetrical map set in an abandoned indoor zoo. It is designed primarily for Slayer game types, but supports Strongholds and Capture the Flag. It's pretty much finished. I just need help testing.

    I designed this map as a reimagining of a Halo 2A map I made known as Greenhouse. I basically upscaled it and changed the layout around a bit. When designing the map, I focused on aesthetics just as much as I did gameplay. I wanted it to feel like an on-disc map. The map has a two base set up, surrounded by a dual level double horseshoe. The bottom of the map is a grassy yard and in the middle stands the Lion Pit. The Lion Pit can be accessed by jumps, but remains very open to gunfire. Theres also aquariums :cool:

    I might submit this to the 2v2 contest, so I would really like to get some testing done. Right now, I am looking for feedback on weapon placement/selection and spawns. The map is currently in my bookmarks. My GT: WeedCough

    Sorry about the one image. I tried to capture more, but it wouldn't let me view my custom game in theater for some reason. I hope you guys can grasp the idea of it from that picture!

    Thanks and happy forging :)
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    So why was the zoo abandoned?
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    Well, the lion escaped and maimed everyone. Bad PR.
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    Hey ShortTower, just took a look at Pavilion. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to playtest it yet, but I'll keep it in my back pocket in case the opportunity arises. =)

    I can definitely see the attention to detail you put into the aesthetics - the place feels like a real compound. The lion cage looks great, the haz suit is a nice touch, and those aquariums are dope as it gets... Dank tanks, amrite?

    As I didn't playtest it, I can't give you actual feedback on the weapons/spawns, but I can share my thoughts on your picks if you'd like? Otherwise, feel free to ignore me =P

    First off, I like the variety of weapons present. I think plasma pistols are very powerful doubles weapons, but your map is potentially large/open enough to balance both of them. I would consider swapping your weapon pad sides with the plasma pistol, or moving the strongholds to different territories. For strongholds, players could then be deciding between having two speed up the cap, or having one cap while the other rushes weapon pad.

    My biggest concern is the shotgun/sword selection. Specifically, with how open your map is, the sword and shotgun don't seem very powerful. On top of that, offering close range weapons is likely to drive players to your interior places, yet most of the map's design is on the exterior areas. Finally, the shotguns make the sword much less reward for the level of risk it entails.

    What I'd like to see is the shotguns replaced with something more suited to the top-level exterior combat. Hydras might be interesting if you want a high-powered weapon, or if you want to keep the power-level of the map a little lower, LightRifles could play very well.

    For the sword in the center, I see the appeal of having it float... but the fixed physics may ruin some jumps, and it is currently turned sideways, making it difficult to see from both bases. Perhaps you could consider reworking the top of the Lion Cage a bit to accommodate a normal physics sword/weapon pad.

    An alternative might be something like Damage Boost in the same area, which gives a player an advantage, but doesn't upset the balance of the map the way Rockets might.

    Finally for weapons, I'd replace the 2 regular battle rifles in the nests with Halo 2 Battle Rifles, so that players can pick up the ammo. That, or change everything to the standard BR, in case players use BR starts. Whatever you do, pick one for ammo reasons is my suggestion.

    Just some thoughts that, once again, are not backed up by playtests - so take everything bit of the ramble above with a grain of salt. =)

    Other Things:
    For callout purposes, I'd suggest changing the coloring on the left/right towers so that they are distinct. - These areas currently have the named volume of "junction," but I anticipate players wanting to give them names other than "left tower 2, or right tower 1"

    One last improvement that would be easy to touch up is the transition from the natural floor to the platforms near the flags on each side of the map. They look fine, but players bumping over them could ruin a strafe. The transitions you have near the lion cages are great, so emulate those.

    Hope that was helpful, and congrats on the work for this map. It looks really good, and I hope it plays just as well!
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    Hey man! Thank you for the feedback. The weapon placement was mostly temporary until playtests would show what weapons would work best. I am very interested in doing a custom lobby with you and whoever you playtest with. Hit me back.
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    Feedback is very important to map builders, I look at criticism as a positive thing to make improvements on less desirable areas of the map.

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