What happened to THFE? (by Darth Human)

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    The purpose of this thread is to give a little background to The Halo Forge Epidemic from myself Darth Human, the founder of the channel. I know the channel is dead to most of you but I wanted to clear my name up and explain some things to my fans of why things ended up the way they did. I will try to answer any questions. In this thread I will try to address two things:

    1. The Psycho Duck lied, I did not steal money and use it on illegal drugs. (As stated here: http://halocustoms.com/threads/the-end-of-an-era.21623/)

    2. I was tricked by RLD HotTamale into giving the YouTube rights (manager status) for youtube.com/user/TheHaloForgeEpidemic (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWE8lQQzGeATaTCXRrlx7bw) in order to gain more ad revenue. During this time I was told not to make videos. I did not mean to give the rights permanently. I actually intended to make Halo 5 videos on this channel and to bring back commentators alongside with RLD.

    THFE History:

    I started the YouTube channel The Halo Forge Epidemic back in 2011. BevansLaw was the first mini game commentator for the channel and helped with the beginning finances. Several months later Oakley HiDef began creating tutorials of invasion and infection maps for my channel. After about 6 months later Oakley began featuring infection maps. AbleSir Thomas & Yardbird92 began featuring invasion games. About late Summer 2012, RLD HotTamale featured his first video on THFE (click for video link). At about this time I partnered with a YouTube company called The Game Station to begin earning ad revenue. During the Halo Reach time period there were contracts in place in which BevansLaw and I (Darth Human) would receive the majority of the income.

    Several months after Halo 4 was released, a contract was written for Oakley HiDef to receive majority of the income while I Darth Human would still receive a smaller percentage.

    After the release of Halo: Master Chief Collection, Oakley HiDef made his last video (click for video link) to go full time with his own channel “THFE Productions” now called “Invicta” (http://www.youtube.com/user/THFEProductions). The Psycho duck was put in charge but no contract was written. There was a verbal agreement between me and The Psycho Duck that I would receive only 10% while The Psycho Duck would receive the rest.

    I was discouraged by the amount of features that were being produced so I offered help to The Psyhco Duck by seeking out possible commentators. He denied each saying they were too “immature” for the channel. I didn’t care because I wanted to be ready for Halo 5 so I asked “what if I said no?”. So The Psycho Duck quit and I put RLD in charge. At this point I was also no longer getting paid the 10% income and gave all of the THFE profits to RLD.

    There was a plan to start doing my own commentary on the channel. When The Psycho Duck posted this thread on forgehub: http://halocustoms.com/threads/the-end-of-an-era.21623/, RLD suggested not to make videos. I agreed because I knew I was going to eventually make videos.

    Several months after RLD was put in charge he said that if I gave him the YouTube management rights to the channel he would increase ad revenue for the channel. It was under my impression that he would eventually return the rights once I started to “clean my image” and create forge maps.

    During June 2016, I talked to RLD about the possibility of promoting my personal channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCng3w8JLSR82wnE9vjMpCzw) with map features. When Speed Halo was featured on THFE I received hundreds of subscribers. 1 month later a channel update video was uploaded (click for video link) saying the channel was no longer doing Halo videos. I continued to make a few videos on my channel until I decided to stop but continued to forge halo maps to this day.

    I struggled to keep in touch with RLD since June. The channel has been slowly dying with overwatch videos and other random content. I eventually got in touch via discord chat on pc. When it was clear he did not want to give up the channel I knew it was time to post this.

    Sorry it all ended like this. I hope everyone involved got some attention and some subs!
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    That channel is just a **** show of different motives. Really pissed with how it is now still.
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    I thought they stopped making videos a few months ago.
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    Sorry to hear about your troubles man. There are always two sides to a story so thanks for sharing yours with us here. I think its great that you started to forge again, that's where you will be able to regain everyone's appreciation. You were by far the best mini-game forger back in the day, time to defend that title. You've been gone for too long.
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    Hey man, I defended your honor already.

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    I say we all go and kill this RLD fellow!
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    Nah, that'd be too extreme
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    The fact that you still are pushing out quality maps after all this bs is inspiring
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