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    Been a while gang, thinking about making a map. Acorn is back too, crazy man
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    Oh yeah?
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    e20f93d5-72a9-437d-8523-7cf734ca17c0~3.PNG cc795641-cef8-4f0b-89de-8a33e32a0126~3.PNG
    Here are some very early screenshots of my new wip! Obviously a lot will change, especially with the terrain area, this is mainly to show the layout.

    Update: there are now 2 levels of terrain on the left. May add a 3rd level eventually. Most of the footpaths on the right will be enclosed by a large forerunner structure. And there will be a large pit in the middle under the light bridge. Planning on 1 flying vehicle, mongooses, warthogs, and a ghost on each side. But that could change. Most of the aesthetics of the map are still up in the air. It could be lava in the pit, or water. It could be asteroid or glacier terrain. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    wow, that's really cool! I've never seen that terrain before, neither have I seen a light bridge like that, and good work on the forerunner aesthetic over all, I always say that it isn't a true halo map without a dueling forerunner bases!

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