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    Forward Unto Turkey

    Greetings! I am 34-...wait, no. Wrong one. Portaleer here, bringing you my first weekly update! Go easy on me...

    As we draw ever closer to 2017's end, all of us are now gearing up for the holidays. Whether you're here with us in the U.S., or anywhere else, we'll all be commencing our holiday festivities soon. In our case, Thanksgiving! Speaking of giving and thanks that come with it, I have thanks of my own!


    I want to start out first by thanking everyone on behalf of the ForgeHub staff (and to the staff) for supporting, contributing to, and organizing our charity live-stream event last week, celebrating ForgeHub's 10th anniversary! It turned out to be loads of fun and is something we look forward to doing similarly in the future. A 10-year celebration for a community website revolving around a beloved game such as Halo is awesome, and we were happy to be a part of it. We clocked a mighty $925 of just over a $1000 goal in support of 'ExtraLife4Kids', all of which is going to children in need this holiday season. so again, thank you, everyone!


    If you are wrapped up in the expanded universe and lore :) of Halo, be sure to check out the newly released LEGACY OF ONYX novel if you have the time to read something. It throws back to and continues a previous story already set in motion...!


    The Community Monitor is one of my favorite aspects of a weekly update, as we get to peer into some new content, fresh off the boat from our forgers!



    Autobahnschutz Eiger by NikkoJT

    First up is a new map by @NikkoJT . This 6v6 infantry-based BTB map is a highway pass-through and storage facility located within the frigid heights of the Swiss Alps. It was found by the UNSC, well over 500 years later and was used as a civilian shelter in 2553 during the Battle for Earth! Be sure to take a look at this one. The mesh of interior/exterior space is nice, and the backdrop has a really big...drop.

    Excitebike by LazyStudio

    If you remember the NES classic, Excitebike, this one is sure to excite you. @LazyStudio has recreated and re-imagined the game from the ground up through Forge as he has transformed it into a modern 2017 experience. The minigame supports 2-16 players and winds you through and around the dirt roads of memory lane, with cleverly built bikes to ride in this sweet Race layout! Don't forget to download its gametype from the map page!


    Cerebrum by Omni42

    @Omni42 , has demonstrated his love for the METROID universe and scripting prowess, in his all-new linear campaign mini-game map. This dark, pulse-pounding experience sets you deep within the bowels and confines of Tourian, from Super Metroid. Here, you must watch your step as you evade incoming tracking fire from Mother Brain's defense turrets, in an attempt to fire through scripted forcefield ducts as you reach her tank to breach the diabolical, biological super-computer's shielding. Remember to download its gametype 'Headache'. Even if you aren't a METROID fan, this is an experience of a scripted/destructible environment example you will remember. Trust me.​

    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest members this week. Welcome aboard, Spartans!

    Don't be shy everyone. Take a look at others' content in store for you, share your own, draw inspiration, make friends, and play HALO!

    Every week there are customs lobbies held by a variety of people for a variety of different purposes. Wanna get your maps played or just play some Halo? Check out the schedule! Note: Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


    11:00pm - The iForge Experience (4-16) - Brusky0086, Hosted Monday - Friday


    8:00pm - The Thursday Thirteen (2-16) - Ascend Hyperion


    8:45pm - Forged Friday (1-16) - Max Extra

    And so concludes another weekly update. Remember that the content of the week is 100% influenced by you, the community. Give us sweet things and we'll show them to you. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have suggestions for new weekly categories, don't hesitate to ask/show us! In the mean time, regardless of where in the world you are, have fun, safe travels to those who are, and eat well. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Portaleer, Nov 19, 2017.

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