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Weekly Update 9-25-17

Discussion in 'Articles' started by The Omicron, Sep 24, 2017.

By The Omicron on Sep 24, 2017 at 3:26 PM
  1. The Omicron

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    [Insert Clever Title Here]

    Hellloooooo Forge connoisseurs (I definitely Googled how to spell that) and Forum stalkers, we are back with yet another week of updates and whats on the "up and up". Without further adurrrh, Leeeets get righhtt into the neewwss.

    With the deadline of the 1v1 contest slowly creeping up, we are beginning to see even more super creative maps pop up from the community and we will be sure to point them out as they do so! Keep those maps coming while time is still available! Remember that you may enter more than 1 map to the contest so don't be shy about forging multiple maps.

    Staff Stuff

    Last week we introduced some new additions to our Staff. If you haven't already, be sure to say hello to them all and introduce yourself. If you missed out and weren't aware of the recent Staff drive but are serious about helping out, feel free to send a message to any of the staff members and we will be in contact.

    Back to the Basics

    It's official, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4 & Halo CE (disc only) are backwards compatible! If you're looking to get some nostalgia flowing, I recommend starting with some good ol' ODST firefight or taking a swing at Halo 3's infuriating Forge mechanics. If you DO end up creating a Halo 3 forge map, feel free to post it to ForgeHub for everyone to see. It may even get featured in a future article!

    September Favorites

    Remember to cast your votes for September's Community Favorites! We rely on you to make the results possible. Every vote matters and makes a difference, thanks!

    Everyday more and more awesome content gets created and it’s amazing what the community can do! Let’s take some time to highlight some of the latest and greatest from the past week.


    Dark Abyss by MrDeliciousman9

    Continuing to build off the universe from his previous map Endless Shore, MrDeliciousman9 took a swing at a 1v1 rendition with an emphasis on vertical play while maintaining the fantasy theme he has quickly became known for. This map is currently in βeta and he would love to hear any feedback you have for the map to improve upon its foundations. Play a game or two and let him know what you think.

    B.S.L. by Ryouji Gunblade

    Grab your Fusion Suit and hop into the world of Metroid Fusion with this unique 1v1 map created by Ryouji Gunblade. Beyond the great theme execution, Ryouji even created an amazing metroid emblem out of visible boundaries! If you are a fan of the Metroid series, don't pass up this map!


    Some Clarity by Hairy Mcclairy

    A symmetrical 1v1 map based within an interior garden on a flood-infested covenant station with stunning, classic covenant architecture and an easy to learn layout. This is one the best looking classic covenant themed maps I've seen in Halo 5 so far. Be sure to give this a look and let Hairy know what you think of it!

    Forge Labs - Infected Town - Halo 3 Custom Game

    Brusky086 - Nemesis by STRAY morais

    Comedy Aerosol - Spartan Quest ONLINE

    Ascend Hyperion -Incarnate, Epitaph Remastered | Exclusive First Look

    Everyday ForgeHub grows a little more. We wanna take this time to say hello to our new members each week as well as give them a chance to say hello to everyone, new and old.

    Here are this week's new members:

    @Bangarang Booty @Ciro @DrummerBoy @ElectricOcelot @Fredrir @H5AutzenDucks @HeadHunterMk118 @Lord_Manic @NullJolt @RonV @Sam Arland

    Welcome to the site everyone! On behalf of the ForgeHub Team, we hope you enjoy your stay! Consider posting your maps, creating forum threads, commenting on other's work and playing in custom lobbies to meet new people. Regardless, we hope to see you around :)

    Every week there are customs lobbies held by a variety of people for a variety of different purposes. Wanna get your maps played or just play some Halo? Check out the schedule! Note: Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


    11:59pm - Sunday Night Screams :viral: - Brusky0086


    11:00pm - The iForge Experience (4-16) - Brusky0086, Hosted Monday - Friday


    8:00pm - The Thursday Thirteen (2-16) - Ascend Hyperion


    8:45pm - Forged Friday (1-16) - Max Extra

    And so concludes another weekly update. Remember that the Clip/Pic of the Week section is 100% influenced by you, the community. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have suggestions for new weekly categories, don't be shy! Until next time, see ya' later!
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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?

  1. Falcon

    17 vote(s)
  2. Hornet

    5 vote(s)
  3. Wasp

    4 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Articles' started by The Omicron, Sep 24, 2017.

    1. Ryouji Gunblade
      Ryouji Gunblade
      This week Port is our Master Builder, Delicious is our Xeno Guru, and Hairy is our High Prophet.
      WARHOLIC and Portaleer like this.
    2. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      These articles are getting realy cringey with the writers trying way too hard to be entertaining... Like it's so painfuly transparent just stop
    3. Dunco
      this is why we cant have nice things
      WARHOLIC and Ryouji Gunblade like this.
    4. eLantern
      • There's no link for the "Some Clarity" map via the picture to its ForgeHub page.

      • Does anybody have an ETA on the public release of Incarnate?

      • It was really hard to pick between the Wasp and Hornet. As one granted more fire power for the pilot and the other more or less allowed you to transport teammates while providing suppression support fire as the pilot. I choose the Wasp because it's fire power makes it a more universally useful aerial vehicle within all of Halo whereas the Hornet's usefulness really shined as an aerial transport and support vehicle within BTB non-slayer-based objective game-types. I really don't get the fascination with the Falcon. I mean, it was a neat concept vehicle for the Halo universe and it would probably be a pretty sweet lower-REQ aerial addition to Warzone, but in all honesty with the Warzone mode not giving much in-game recognition or incentive to drivers who aren't in direct control of a vehicle's weaponry it's not even that great of a vehicle there either. Another example of a vehicle suffering a lack of in-game recognition and incentive to drive is the Warthog. Something Halo 4 got absolutely right was how the scoring system recognized and awarded drivers of vehicles like this and did so without it revolving around splatters. A cool feature that could have been added to the Falcon had it been incorporated into Halo 5's Warzone would have been to allow the altitude lock to be a part of an auto-pilot aspect when bouncing between the pilot seat and the left or right mounted turrets like how a player can bounce between being in the driver seat of the Warthog to the turret or passenger seat positions.
      Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
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    5. Portaleer
      @eLantern to cover your second question, Incarnate is out right now!
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    6. The Omicron
      The Omicron
      Thanks for letting us know, link is now embedded into map image.
      eLantern likes this.

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