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Weekly Update 7-25-17

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ascend Hyperion, Jul 25, 2017.

By Ascend Hyperion on Jul 25, 2017 at 2:02 PM
  1. Ascend Hyperion

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    So Many Options

    Hello again ForgeHub! This week has been stellar in terms of the variety of maps being submitted to the site. 4v4, BTB, race, puzzle, minigame, aesthetics the list goes on! In this weeks edition I wanted to highlight just a few of the awesome creations that landed on the site this week. What's more we've got some awesome Halo news as well as a renewed Community faves system. Let's go!

    Let Your Voice Be Heard

    After round after round of feedback, we are proud to announce that the Community Favorites vote has been reinvented! That's right, we are listening! All jokes aside though, the ForgeHub teams hopes that this new system will both improve general approval of the Community Faves vote and increase member participation.

    Ascend, shut up! Tell us what's new!

    Alright alright. In the new Community Favorites System, maps are nominated by Forge Critics and Staff. This way, the Community directly has the ability to voice their opinions of what they feel is worthy of the title favorite. What's more, all nominations are filtered by the staff so that maps that attempts to misuse or abuse this new system can be identified and dealt with before it is too late. From there, it comes down to a vote just like the good ol' days. The current Community Favorites vote is live right now! Be sure to check it out and voice your opinion!

    Everyday more and more awesome content gets created and it’s amazing what the community can do! Let’s take some time to highlight some of the latest and greatest from the past week.


    Lockout by TimeDipper and D4rkDeath

    Another one of Halo's most memorable and loved classic maps returns to us in the firey hot form of Lockout by @TimeDipper and @D4rkDeath . This stellar reimagining of the Halo classic places players deep in the heart of a volcanic setting surrounded by brilliant orange lava and burning embers. With an awesome blend of familiar gameplay and killer piece usage, this map is a must-play.

    Echo Canyon by Arpod

    Fire up those engines. It's time to race. But this isn't your daddy's mongoose race. No sir, Echo Canyon by @Arpod will take you windy mountains, over lava rivers, down fluid curves and even underwater through the wreckage of a pirate ship! Don't get too distracted though, you've still got a race to win Spartan!

    Pagoda by thrillerkillers

    Lower your voice and show some respect. This is a shrine built by @thrillerkillers and your AR fire is disturbing the peace. Inspired by traditional Japanese design, Pagoda offers players a calming spot to sit back, relax and ponder the mysteries of why there is no ForgeHub weapon skin yet.

    Pokemon Odyssey by The Halo Forge Team

    Scripting is a way of life for some and a foreign language to others. Regardless of what side of the tracks you walk on, you're sure to be blown away by this stellar custom game. This revolutionary mode brings the world of Pokemon directly to Halo 5. Players can catch, train and battle their very own Pokemon in an attempts to be the #1 Pokemon master, who is also a Spartan! Check out their map post to learn more.

    Unsorted Gaming - What If Halo 6 Had Two Forge Modes

    Comedy Aerosol - Halo 5 Puzzle Map - Escape Volcano Island

    CaptainDireWolf - Halo 5 Forge Chronicles | N3gat1veZer0

    Ascend Hyperion - Dojo | Halo 5 Forge Map Feature

    Brusky 0086 - Monarch - A Creative Forge/iForge Collaboration

    Everyday ForgeHub grows a little more. We wanna take this time to say hello to our new members each week as well as give them a chance to say hello to everyone, new and old.

    @2ndtryagain73 @AGIS117 @Anastasia @BOMBER BOY Z130 @Brendan Holmes @CRobi21 @Dinolover00 @Eggplannted @EnviousCube @Evans @Galatea @Harvey @iac300 @Lapoman182 @nathaneil @orbital trends @PANDAS7ORM @Red Jelly @Riverstars86 @RockinYankee @Saber_Prower @Squirty @Supermelee30 @Vakdragoon @VANGOGH2HELL

    Welcome to the site everyone! On behalf of the ForgeHub Team, we hope you enjoy your stay! Consider posting you maps, creating forum threads, commenting on other's work and playing in custom lobbies to meet new people. regardless, we hope to see you around :)

    Every week there are customs lobbies held by a variety of people for a variety of different purposes. Wanna get your maps played or just play some maps? Check out the schedule! Note: Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


    11:59pm - Sunday Night Screams :viral: - Brusky0086


    11:00pm - The iForge Experience (4-16) - Brusky0086, Hosted Monday - Friday


    8:00pm - The Thursday Thirteen (2-16) - Ascend Hyperion


    8:45pm - Forged Friday (1-16) - Max Extra

    And so concludes another weekly update. Remember that the Clip/Pic of the Week section is 100% influenced by you, the community. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have suggestions for new weekly categories, don't be shy! Until next time, see ya' later!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ascend Hyperion, Jul 25, 2017.

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