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Weekly Update 7-11-17

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ascend Hyperion, Jul 11, 2017.

By Ascend Hyperion on Jul 11, 2017 at 1:27 PM
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    Hot To The Touch

    Hello again ForgeHub! I know I know, I'm late. Sorry about that! The holiday was quite the time for me and the rest of the team and flurry of other super cool things had me distracted through and through. However! I'm going to make it up to you by promising something. This is the last heat related article this summer! Isn't that exciting? It's got me fired up! Let's turn up the heat and take a look at these hot maps!

    Everyday more and more awesome content gets created and it’s amazing what the community can do! Let’s take some time to highlight some of the latest and greatest from the past week.


    Data Center by Erk

    Everyone could always use a little more storage space. In Erk's new map Data Center, I'm sure you're covered. This futuristic mega server facility was designed and built specifically for the Halo classic gametype, Oddball. Grab some friends, gram some balls and make sure that a suicide doesn't give you extra points.

    Temple of Thel' Vadam by Arpod

    Speaking of cool remakes, consider checking out this awesome thematic re-imagination of the Halo 3 favorite, Rat's Nest. That's right the CTF monolith makes a return to Halo 5 in the form of a stoic Sangheli temple. Not only is the map accurate to the original, it's neat piece use and glossy overtone helps set the mood for this unique remake.

    Railhead by Shooty Person

    There are few things more satifsfying than creating map that feels rooted in it's own theme and backstory. Shooty Person spent months working on a map just like that. Railhead is a BTB map set in a human mining operation on a distant moon but trust me, this isn't Luna. Human greed and sub-par health and safety regulations may just make this one of the most dangerous work spaces in the galaxy. That and the live fire combat.

    Let's Talk: Why Don't You Write Map Reviews

    One of the most important things to the staff team is feedback from members. We want to both provide and improve where we can. In this thread, you can leave your thoughts on the current map review system and get engaged in discussion between members of all walks.

    Comedy Aerosol - Halo 5 Race Track - Fanta

    Captain Dire Wolf - Halo 5 Forge Chronicles | A Squid Loaf

    Forge Labs - Halo 5 Game Night - Halo 2 District

    TheRoflzDude - Halo 5 Forge Maps - Valkyrie

    Brusky 0086 - Cypress - Halo Map Feature

    Everyday ForgeHub grows a little more. We wanna take this time to say hello to our new members each week as well as give them a chance to say hello to everyone, new and old.

    Welcome to the site everyone! On behalf of the ForgeHub Team, we hope you enjoy your stay! Consider posting you maps, creating forum threads, commenting on other's work and playing in custom lobbies to meet new people. regardless, we hope to see you around :)

    Every week there are customs lobbies held by a variety of people for a variety of different purposes. Wanna get your maps played or just play some maps? Check out the schedule! Note: Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


    11:59pm - Sunday Night Screams :viral: - Brusky0086


    11:00pm - The iForge Experience (4-16) - Brusky0086, Hosted Monday - Friday


    8:00pm - The Thursday Thirteen (2-16) - Ascend Hyperion


    8:45pm - Forged Friday (1-16) - Max Extra


    3:00pm - Corn’s Corny Customs (4v4 and Exterm) - ImDahUnicorn

    And so concludes another weekly update. Remember that the Clip/Pic of the Week section is 100% influenced by you, the community. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have suggestions for new weekly categories, don't be shy! Until next time, see ya' later!
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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Ascend Hyperion, Jul 11, 2017.

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