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    "Child of my enemy why have you come? I offer no forgiveness. A father's sins, passed to his son."

    Greetings Boos and Ghouls to another dastardly installment of the Weekly Update! I'll be your ghost, Shooty Person (again!) for this post-Friday the 13th update that promises not to be a Nightmare on Underwhelm Street. We've had a lot of terrific content over this last month, and 28 Days Later, we still got it going on! The maps I plan to showcase in this week's edition of the ol' update will make forge look like Child's Play, so try not to Scream with excitement when you see these ghoulishly great maps, or else people will think you need an Exorcist. When I first Saw what's in store, It was hard not to!

    But don't hold a Grudge, because forge isn't the only thing on the radar this week, as we have some news coming straight off The Ring we know as Halo in general. Without further ado, let's Get Out of this rambling, pun-filled Jigsaw puzzle of an intro, and head directly down into the bright, Shining content below!

    The End

    Today marks the final day to enter your 1v1 maps in the ForgeHub sponsored community 1v1 contest! All submissions must be made before 11:59 P.M PST TODAY, Monday October 16th, 2017. So if you have an unfinished entry just dangling around your files, crank it out by tonight for your shot at fame, glory, and most importantly that hefty cash prize!

    What's Old is New Again

    343 Industries continues to surprise us, this time in an exciting new way. The folks upstairs promise to unveil new additions to Halo 5: Guardians in their newest live stream, which takes place in the near future at Oct. 17th, 4P.M PST. In addition to news about the weapon tuning and 4k update, 343 will discuss their newly announced Halo World Championship 2018 in greater detail. You can catch their stream at both www.mixer.com/Halo and www.twitch.tv/Halo.

    Some Well Deserved RnR

    The Halo community is coming together to raise money for those effected drastically by the catastrophic weather events in the Caribbean region. This includes areas hit hard by hurricane's Irma, Jose, etc. But we aren't just asking that you donate your money without receiving anything in return, head on over to the REQ Store or Microsoft Store and grab yourself a Relief and Recovery REQ Pack in Halo 5: Guardians for 9.99$ All funds will be donated to the restoration efforts, and you'll get to grab five snazzy new permanent unlocks, along with 10 nifty one-use cards. What's not to love?

    We have had a myriad of awesome content since I last checked in with you all. As per tradition, get ready to indulge yourselves in some of the best we have to showcase from this past week!


    Claim Sanctuary by LargerFiend

    What can I say? I'm a fan of the giant :O guys @LargerFiend has going on in this stunning 1v1 entry! There's no mistaking this map for another, as you'll be immersed in a spectacularly unique display of craftsmanship for sure! Grab a friend and hop on this arena to duke it out in an explosive way. Make sure you don't become one of those statues' lunch.

    Hubris by Pat Sounds and xzamples

    Ok, but this one is just gorgeous! Still finding new impressive ways to use Sangheili pieces, @Pat Sounds and @xzamplez pull off what few have; hide them well! Another 1v1 entrant, this playspace will fight hard in the competition, especially when aesthetics come into view. Head on over to Hubris and pump some lead into your friends.

    Totem by Unsorted Guy

    This map, also a 1v1 Smackdown entrant, emanates a brilliant, vibrant Forerunner structure in a fun-to-play layout. @Unsorted Gaming pulls off a great feel with the surrounding environment. If you have no friends, I still suggest walking around on this one to take in the scenery. Come, on. You know I had to do it tot'em.


    Washed Up by Weedcough

    The only thing I love more than Longshore is Longshore inspired aesthetics. This takes the cake for one of the coolest looking human maps I've personally seen in a long time. @WeedCough made a perfect homage to the Fronk's Fish Nugget docks (seriously, what IS Longshore?) by creating Washed Up, an abandoned S'Moa Burger factory... Ew!

    Erydhil - Fallen | Halo 5 Forge Map

    Ascend Hyperion - Scaling Basics | Understanding Forge

    TonnyT Productions - Halo 5: Forge Living Dead on The Krusty Krab

    TheRoflzDude - Halo 5 - More 1v1 Forge Maps (FORGEHUB 1v1 Contest)

    Everyday ForgeHub grows a little more. We wanna take this time to say hello to our new members each week as well as give them a chance to say hello to everyone, new and old.

    Here are this week's new members:

    @ALL REZD OUT @ChiefSpartanV @ChrisTheCool001 @Gentlemen1038 @HurriedPie69297 @Jedemille @Shipmster @WPX Fakefangz

    Welcome to the site everyone! On behalf of the ForgeHub Team, we hope you enjoy your stay! Consider posting your maps, creating forum threads, commenting on other's work and playing in custom lobbies to meet new people. Regardless, we hope to see you around :)

    Every week there are customs lobbies held by a variety of people for a variety of different purposes. Wanna get your maps played or just play some Halo? Check out the schedule! Note: Times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.


    11:59pm - Sunday Night Screams :viral: - Brusky0086


    11:00pm - The iForge Experience (4-16) - Brusky0086, Hosted Monday - Friday


    8:00pm - The Thursday Thirteen (2-16) - Ascend Hyperion


    8:45pm - Forged Friday (1-16) - Max Extra

    And so concludes another weekly update. Remember that the Clip/Pic of the Week section is 100% influenced by you, the community. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you have suggestions for new weekly categories, don't be shy! Until next time, Don't Breathe!
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