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    Well after 3 weeks of building testing, and making the video its finally here. The vulcan map pack. The first map is for machinima. The second is for Team slayer, Slayer, Machinima.

    The third was originally for Machinima but i developed it into a invasion map.
    ( default invasion gametype)

    YouTube - Grif map pack

    Hydro plant : Halo Reach : File Details

    Icarus : Halo Reach : File Details

    Transition : Halo Reach : File Details

    Comment below if you like. I would really enjoy some feedback.

    (sorry about not having invasion match footage)

    Add me on xboxlive- grif otaged
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    these maps look cool. ill dl them and play them later. i just a thought, but maybe post your map hydro plant in the aesthetic maps section. im sure s a good amount of people would like it.

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