8-12 Players Undulation 0.5

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    Here's the map:Undulation 0.5

    Could someone take a look around the map and give me some feedback? I'm a novice forger and this is my first conventional map, it's for capture the flag, all feedback is much appreciated I'd like to hear as many responses as I can and I will consider changing the map should I find the time to do so, depending on what feedback i get. Thanks.

    P.s I don't know if there is a map test submission board, if so then please move it to the correct one.

    Here's an overview:[​IMG]

    2x Warthog

    2x 2 Frag Grenades
    2x Sticky Detonator
    2x Sniper Rifle
    2x Rail Gun
    2x Concussive Rifle
    2x Machine Gun Turret's
    2x Scattershot

    (2x = one for each team)

    If you can think of better ordnance then please suggest.

    Flags are at the cylinder's and there is a flag away zone behind the cover near the tower.

    edit: had to re-upload to my file share due to an error with the corner 4x4 near the bridge and i stupidly forgot to put the safe zone in. i've fixed it now.

    any suggestions for re-supply times would be appreciated too.
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    I suggest that you post the map as a Map Preview and then just include a download link to the map's beta. You also need to embed images of the map if you want people having any sliver of interest in your map.
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    fixed it

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