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    So let's start a new thread on a more personal note, well sort of. Brag about some stuff you've achieved, experienced, or scared of, skills, embarrassing or funny things or just some info about yourself or your interests, but not like a resume. Just share anything. Not your name or age so everyone can stalk eachother on social media but just some random stuff. Probably just things nobody gives a **** about. Anything, as long as it's honest and true. So new members, ancient relics, staff, mods, lurkers and daily visitors, who are you?

    I'll start;

    -I'm fascinated by the universe.
    -I quit smoking 4 years ago.
    -Me and my wife have absolutely no desire to have kids.
    -I'm a chef but I stopped doing that work last year. I took a lovely 8 months off and now I work in ceramics and going to design and create rounded tiles and functional tiles.
    -I have lots of books. Informative, wildlife, photography, nature, travel, cooking, encyclopedias and reference books.
    -I've played handball for over 10 years.
    -I'm a huge fan of George Carlin and Bo Burnham.
    -I ripped my eardrum several times. While diving to deep, with a soccerball and recently in an airplane. That one hurt like hell when it happened.
    -I like old westerns and war movies.
    -When my mobile phone broke it took me 10 years before I replaced it for a smartphone. People found it weird and funny at the same time. Now my face is glued to that ****ing screen.
    -Me and my friends once evacuated people from a burning building after an explosion. After some interviews a month later the mayer gave us flowers and a giftcard.
    -I caught the same fish twice within 24 hours. A carp, on either side of a half a mile long pond. Same rod, same hook, same bait, both nighttime.
    -I still need to get my driver's license. It's ridiculous I know.
    -I used to draw a lot. I still design tattoos for people and sometimes colourful birthday drawings for the children of family and friends.
    -I know a lot about the second world war. From movies, books, school, documentaries, museums, tv, stories from family, internet, cemetaries etc. It is still all around where I live.
    -I have a thing for lightning.
    -I don't like candy or sweets but I do like dark chocolate.
    -Some mischief we did as kids went way over the line when you think of it now as an adult. No regrets though.
    -I think music, movies and games are all severely declining in quality.
    -Me and my friends still do Halo on LAN once or twice a year. 3 tv's, 6 guys and oldschool trashtalking till the sun comes up.
    -Big fan of Feyenoord Rotterdam and we won the title again at our home stadium last sunday after 18 ****ing years. Our 36 year old captain scored 3 goals, the first one after 38 seconds! I drank my head clean off.
    -I hate to shop for clothes but I recently bought my first tailored suit and felt quite the man.
    -Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest games I've ever played. I can't wait for the second one.
    -I love animals. I took several lost dogs home when I was younger and I got a raging policedog to lick me and let me pet him when I was drunk. He even got angry at people approaching me or yelling at me.
    -It took me a year to realize D-pad up is a quick button for magnets. I did it a million times in the menu. Yes, you read that right.
    -My friends sometimes envy me on how cool and down to earth my wife is.
    -I have about 200+ National Geographics but no longer a member because I have no room for it anymore.
    -My greatest holiday is still 3 weeks of road-tripping with 5 buddies and tents through France when we were 18.
    -I believe this is a waste of time and no one will reply but I'll do it anyway.
    -I have 2 cats. They're sisters and named Sam and Jip.
    -I'm not scared of flying, rollercoasters or helicopters but I do have a fear of heights. I hate rooftops, high baconys, and climbing trees or ladders.
    -I have lots of general knowledge. My brain is filled with useless facts and information.
    -I hate too much heat and humidity in the summer.
    -I still watch H3 vids from time to time. SaLaYa is my favourite montager.
    -I've heard whales singing while snorkling in the Atlantic Ocean.
    -The most beatiful countries I've visited are Austria and Iceland.
    -One of the best concerts I've visited was Pearl Jam in Amsterdam 2012. They only did 4 same songs the second day. Brilliant.
    -I've been suggested user on Instagram.
    -I like the Green Bay Packers.
    -I'm not religious. I respect all beliefs but only if it's not harmful for another.

    Maybe I'll add some more later. Cheers.
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    I'm kinda bored and would like to partake in such. I'm not as active in the halo community as I used to be but I still visit the site daily just to see what everyone else is up to: such as this thread. So here it goes I guess...

    - My first Halo game was Halo 3 (although Reach was technically when I delved more into the Halo games and started forging)
    - My first Halo forge map was a slayer map in Reach. It was pretty bad and was made in the coliseum of Forge World cleverly titled "Coliseum"
    - I'm still in high school becoming a senior this coming fall
    - I'm the only one of my friends who have stayed loyal to Halo and continue to play (although I'm starting to lose interest sadly)
    - I don't have a definite genre of music I like. Whatever sounds nice to me is good enough.
    - Although I'm not the best, I enjoy singing and beatboxing in my school's acapella group and recently competed in a state competition for such. We didn't win but being our first time, it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot
    - I enjoy playing soccer even though I'm not the best at it
    - My gamertag (KeeLoker) has a really weird story behind it that isn't that interesting or elaborate as you might think
    - I've had 4 previous gamertags prior to what I have now (All very regretful)
    - Dashie is my favorite gaming youtuber cause he is different and hilarious to watch
    - I recently got into a car crash when someone rear ended me and wrecked the back right side of my car
    - I say my car but it really isn't mine since my parents got it for me (I'm not that privileged though I promise)
    - I named the car Gerald cause it's fun to say in a British accent (G pronounced with a "J" sound)
    - I don't really have much experiences since I haven't lived a long enough life to do so...rip
    - I love ziplining and have in Singapore and the Philippines
    - I really love horror games but horror movies for some reason don't appeal to me as much unless the story is good
    - In my engineering class in high school, we had a year long project to try and create and design anything we wanted in order to solve a justifiable problem, however my group was literal a** so I did most of the work and we ended up making a half-a**ed "easy to clean" hairbrush
    - I've only been to one concert which was a Pentatonix concert with my friend
    - If I new I was going to inevitably die in a certain amount of time, I'd want to be sent out on a one-way trip out into space cause I just think that would be such a beautiful and amazing sight to see before I pass
    - I was born with a rather noticeable red bump on the top of my head. My parents called it a strawberry cause it looked like one. Now I literally have a small crater in my head where it used to be
    - On the subject of birth, I have birthmark on my fingernail that used to cover half of it, but now it's starting to fade so I always joke about how when it fully disappears, my life will come to an end.
    - I got awarded with "Most Loyal Friend" in my elementary school recognition :cool:
    - I asked my girlfriend for things to put in this and she just made fun of me...
    - I could say a couple more things but I'm getting tired...

    Hope I didn't embarrass myself too much
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    My turn!
    1. I'm a disgruntled idealist who thinks the world is in its teenage years culturally
    2. Halo is pretty much the only game I play anymore
    3. I've gotten in one fist fight in my almost 30 years alive
    4. I've helped put out a house fire as well as start one
    5. I'm just as happy with friends as I am with headphones and a movie by myself
    6. I love everyone
    7. My favorite movies are Kung :punch:, legend of the drunken master, and lost in translation
    8. My favorite TV shows are parks&rec, Doctor who, and bleach
    9. I will tear up at the sight of humans being truthfully emotional with on another (cheesy commercials, inspirational vines, etc) I even cried when frodo told same to go home in the lotr.
    10. QrrbrbirbeI comes from this movie http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/demented
    11. I watch every month or so
    12. I've only broken 1 bone in my life (arm)
    13. My doctor once told me my bones were far denser than normal
    14. I drink a cows milking lifespan every 14.5 years
    15. Nurses scare me because they're always excited when they see my veins. I've also been told I'd make a great heroin addict.
    16. I'm a cat person
    17. My favorite band is Muse
    18. My favorite composers are James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Koji Kondo, and of course Marty O'Donnell
    19. I work at a restaurant and should be the chef, but am not because I lack that college bs stamp of approval
    20. I once was a semi pro back in reach. My career lasted a whole 3 months and disbanded because our captain punched a hole through his TV and gave up halo
    21. I can start to feel my designs coming together in forge
    22. Disturbing for Some
      I once put a cat out of its misery with the chisled back of a longboard. It had already been ran over at the neck, and I went out into traffic to finish it off. It still haunts me from time to time
    23. I can consciously regulate my body temperature
    24. My mind and heart constantly analyze people's decisions and struggles, and get churned through various morals and paradoxes until I learn my version of the best possible outcome. This has been a source of great joy, wisdom, and pain for me since my 'darkening' of the real world.
    25. The best has been being able to let go of a great many things, knowing it's either not my place to change them, not in my ability, or being okay that they won't happen right away.
    26. The worst has been going into "Sherlock Mode" and letting myself be pulled down by the weight of the world, or letting my ego get negatively large. The amount of bullshit in the world is enough to make me vomit just thinking about it, and as such I'm technically depressed 24/7 because I can see so much better of people. Having a great understanding of people I'll sometimes believe my emotional truth to be infallible, and have gotten into some pretty sticky situations because of it.
    27. A lot of those situations involved people I care about to leave my life.
    28. Nowadays I've found ways to all but eliminate those negative aspects, and spend most of my time (outside of work and halo) with my pseudo-family.
    29. I had a lucid dream once, triggered by someone across the country that I knew couldn't be there, and my first instinct was to fly out of the building and head straight for the stars. The Most Interesting Man In The World (Dos Equis) was there to greet me at the crux of atmosphere and space, only to have myself wake up. I got too excited whilst flying through the air and realizing I was in a dream for it to last too long, and awoke with my pulse fast as ****.
    30. I also had a dream that I died from a lone missile. My first reaction after realizing there was no shelter or escape, was to close my eyes and die with as many good memories I could think of before it hit. When it did, I felt the heat and intense pain from the explosion lift me up for a few moments until I could feel nothing more. The next part still freaks me out: after I felt nothing, it seemed as though time had stopped and everything around me was an indiscernible congruency of light. After who knows how long, i 'wake up' lucidly back in the same dream with the signs of destruction apparent, and woke up again back to reality (OR IS IT?!?) freaking out about the actual-death experience. My back had tensed up so much as well that I got bruised (or whatever the medical term is for it) near where I felt my back on fire in the dream. Hell of a help in appreciating life when you've already died though ;)
    31. Last dream post: I had a series dream. I did normal day to day things, went to bed, woke up, continuing for almost a week. The dream ended, and I felt like I had lost a whole chunk of time, and was actually early for work because I thought it was Saturday instead of Monday.
    32. I wish genitals and nudity weren't shamed.
    33. I wear pants and shorts that show off my bulge in hopes of destigmatizing cleavage of men. I want to let women have their reign of seeing us as walking ****sticks.
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    • I am a soldier for Jesus
    • I don't make any compromises when it comes to the truth
    • I like to learn about different ideologies
    • I love video games because they let me step into another world and role play as the good guy
    • When playing competitively i always put the experience above the end result, never shaming my teamates for there shortcomings
    • I hate twitchy games and love Tactical games
    • I'm waay too cocky for my own good
    • My favorite Anime is Clannad
    • My favorite video game is Fallout 3
    • My favorite songs are all from the band bullet for my Vallentine

    • My new favorite map in H5 is Arkanum
    • I tried alot of different things when i was younger and sucked at all of them, basketball skateboarding guitar, so i finally gave up and admited i wasn't born for this world
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    Good thread @MULLERTJE

    • My first FPS was Wolfenstein 3D and became a fan of FPS games ever since
    • I am old enough to remember what life is like without the internet
    • My name nitro dates back to my AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) account
    • I was nicknamed nitro when I stood 4'10" (not that short, but this was before my body decided it wanted to grow another foot) and could out run those who taller than me on the field
    • Joined the Air Force back in 2005, was attending training where Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf
    • My first level design was created with the Hammer editor back on Counter Strike: Source
    • My first Halo design that I believe defined me was Assault (never posted on FH sadly)
    • I have been friends with @WARHOLIC for more than 7 years now (not that I am counting like some weird high school girl friend or anything haha)
    • I enjoy all sorts of music, from alt to trap to metal to whatever I am in the mood for, as long as it's good then I am good with it
    • Currently playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
    • I guess if your were to get to know me more, I am fairly laid back and like to handle things logically (learned in the past emotional execution of issues on makes things worse in most cases) and really do care about the majority of people whether they think otherwise or not. Life is too short to be angry at someone for something that is trivial, but that doesn't mean I can hate the person who just owned me at Halo during a match lol.
    • Recently bought a new Subaru WRX STI
    Think this is enough for now, hope more people contribute to this thread in hopes to learn a little more about them.
    Thanks again for the thread @MULLERTJE
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    Oh boy howdy.

    First off, I didn't know @Qrrbrbirbel was almost 30. Holmes I thought you were like a 20 sumin stoned out dude.
    Mullert seems to be living one of the most easy flowing lives I've ever heard of.
    Soldat is creating a rift for me because I typically don't tie Emos in with the church. kek.

    Uhhh okay I'll give it a shot.

    - I learned how to read at a higher level well before the rest of my class. This is because The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had no spoken words. After not being able to figure out how to progress in the game, I complained to my dad. My dad told me if I wanted to beat the game, I had to learn.

    - Green is my favorite color and I'm sure good 'ol Link had a ton to do with that.

    - My two absolute favorite games of all time are Halo 2 and LoZ: Majora's Mask. I cannot decide between the two.

    - I own the Metal Case, Limited Collectors Edition of Halo 2. My dad bought it from a pawn shop for $7 in 2006. When I was in middle school, I ran it over with my bike by accident. The discs survived but the two faces of the case separated. A stranger who watched the ordeal from their porch helped me tape it back together.

    - In 2015, I had a portion of my left lung removed because it was too thin and kept tearing.

    - In 2014, my car was struck by lightning as I was driving me a friend to work. I had three witnesses to the event, one of which was sure we died. Four people stopped on the road to help us. All of them told me to buy a lottery ticket. I was only 17 at the time, so I couldn't.

    - Ascend Hyperion comes from a clan I used to run called Ascend. We all had names tied to Greek mythology. I chose Hyperion because he was the titan who created light. The clan is long since disbanded but the name stuck with me.

    - My maps Moros, Ares and Poseidon are all named after old Ascend clan members.

    - Until Pokephile made the video advertising Forgehub as a method of getting featured on his channel, I had no idea that Forge Communities even existed

    - My most popular nickname among my friends is Byro. This was an old nickname an Ex gave me. After we broke up, my friends made it a point to carry the torch of that name.

    - I'm from Ferguson, MO. My first week of college started only a week after the riots. A girl asked me if I had ever been in a gang before. I told her plenty and that I've even robbed a store. She looked genuinely amazed.

    - I once used @MULLERTJE Ferris Wheel map in a class presentation

    - @WyvernZu 's trick for creating sand in Forge is still one of the more impressive things done in H5 to me.

    - My girlfriend has a Fine Arts degree in Photography. I often ask her opinion on screenshots.

    - I went to a part once where I was mistaken for someone else and as a result, ended up hanging with a ton of people I didnt know but thought they knew me.

    - All of my published maps have hidden skulls on them

    - On my map Archaic, there is a Golden Grunt statue in the dungeon, a reference to @Tom Cinder 's map, Golden Grunt

    - @Limeyy and Phuria inspired me to try my hand at Vex themed maps with their 2v2 map Bliss. That map is still one of my favorite H5 maps.

    - Timeframe's layout was built in under 40 minutes. The art took three days of on and off work.

    - As of late, I've been really into Lo-Fi HipHop. It's chill as ****.

    - I don't buy Turtle Beach Headsets (or the like) because putting them on would ruin my fro for the rest of the day

    - I have 14 fillings

    - I cannot whistle
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    Nice to know phuria and i had atleast a decent impact, we both went our seperate ways with the community, probably like, what, 6 months ago? He had a kid and I'm working on a game. And i've been trying to pry the forge community for talent in helping with production for it.

    -Ive been a drummer for 4 years
    -Ive studied mathematics and computer science since fall 2011, and have been a dork ever since.
    -I like instruction manuals
    -and monster trucks
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    You must be that Norwegian Prince that contacted me, ill post all my info here for you.

    -I started video games by watching my dad play Doom, Red Faction, Duke Nukem, and that popular mech fighting game i forget the name of.
    -Started out playing games on the PC during the 90's
    -Went from PC to Xbox when the next in the series of my favorite game, Midtown Madness, was only coming out for Xbox
    -I started playing Halo 2 in elementary after a friend told me about how cool it was
    -Got super hooked on Halo 2 and would play it all the time with my family and friends
    -Got Halo 1 after a while of having Halo 2 since i wanted to see how the story started
    -Halo 2 is what got me interested in how video games are made but Halo 3 with forge made me love it and decided to go down my current carrier path.
    -Since I first got live when Halo 3 released i have been a part of clans (up until a couple years ago), I am still friends with a few of the members from my first clan (who my irl friend got me in) and still play from time to time with them
    -I have gone through 3 name changes all though consisting of "IRON WOLF" before having the name I have now
    -People have called me "Iron" for many years and it is the nickname I prefer, since other people have Wolf and it can get confusing at times
    -I have literally made close to a little over 2,000 maps (maybe even more since i forged a lot), a majority of them were in Halo 3.
    -I was very active on the Bungie forums up until they turned their backs on the community that got them to where they were and the play station fanboys came and **** on everything we held dear as Bungie patted them on the back
    -My idea for ForgeCast is what helped me get on staff
    -I have a Graphic Design degree
    -I am very creative especially in the 3D sense rather than 2D
    -I make custom trophies for my robotics team
    -I'm from a place far away sent here to observe
    -I like a wide range of music besides country, rap, and screamo
    -Favorite movies are Serenity, and Lazer Team (my name is in credits). generally like scifi, action, war, or comedies
    -Stargate is one of the best shows ever along with Firefly
    -Getting a degree in Video Game Art and Design which i will have by the end of the year, i also have a 4.0 gpa cause college is easier than high school.
    -I play D&D and usually fall into the leader role no mater which campaign or people i play with or what kind of character i am. i think it is because i am the one that makes smart decisions, is good at diplomacy, and has never had a character die.
    -I like helping people with their problems and i am a good problem solver
    -Dog person

    That's probably enough for now since i also like to ramble
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    - True AI will be one of mankind’s greatest feats and I hope to be alive when it is created.
    - Multiple dimensions highly interest me. Our Reality in general fascinates me.
    - Aliens are real.
    - I don’t think the government is as advanced as some conspiracy theorist are lead to believe. They just form these ideas as a way to develop some sense of security. Knowing that nobody is in control is scarier than thinking someone is in control by you don't know to what extent.
    - Telekinesis would be the best super power to have by far.
    - I think it’s silly to completely dismiss any mainstream religion because of our lack of understanding of reality.
    - I think there is an afterlife but not like heaven or hell.
    - I would say 80% of my friends are heavy drug users/drinkers but I myself have almost no interest in any of those things.
    - One of my friends started a rumor that I wanted to have sex with one of my teachers freshman year. She found out about so that made highschool even more awkward than usual.
    - I once saved a kids life after I saw some very slight movement in a snow bank a couple hundred feet away on a ski hill. I stopped and my friend tried convincing me not to go that way on the trail but my spidey senses were tingling.
    - On that same trip I nagged my other friend to keep going on the slopes with me (which he did) after he kept complaining about his shoulder hurting. He went to the doctor the next day and his collar bone was broken.
    - Alex Jones is one of the world’s greatest Trolls of our generation.
    - Kanye is an amazing musician.
    - Salvador Dali and Zdzisław Beksiński are the most creative artist of all time.
    - My gamertag, as well as this username, are the same default names Microsoft gave me. I used my one free name change to get rid of the numbers on the end.
    - I love watching movies, but I have a hard time watching any movie before the 2000's.
    - Prisoners (Crime, Thriller 2013), It Follows (Thriller, Horror 2014), District 9 (fantasy, Thriller 2009), Hot Rod (Comedy 2007) are some of my favorite movies. I highly recommend any of them.
    - Westworld is the only TV show that had a full season of great episodes. This is my favorite TV show of all time. I find that a lot of TV shows have at least 2-3 filler episodes were nothing really develops in the plot. Luke Cage is probably my second favorite TV show, but it does have a couple filler episodes near the end.
    - Black ops 3 will go down as one of the most underappreciated stories of all time. I don’t think I will ever experience a story so great for the rest of my life.
    - Halo 2 is best halo campaign wise. Halo 3 comes in close second.
    - Advanced movements belong in Halo 5.
    - My lungs are 40% larger than the average person’s my size.
    - I don’t draw very much but I do consider myself decently good. It’s sort of a natural talent. I took some art classes in high school and ended up winning 2nd place in a state competition.
    - My parents and art teacher were a bit disappointed when I said I wanted to go to college for programming.
    - I enjoy cooking. Beef skirt is one of the most under-rated cuts of beef. My favorite is Prime Rib medium rare.
    - I love my dogs more than anyone outside of my family.
    - I have a cat that is 16 years old and lives outside. He has probably killed around 2000 chipmunks, 100 squirrels, 50 rabbits, and even a couple of raccoons and possums. During the sumer months he would bring home 2-3 headless bodies a day. (I live in the woods)
    - I absoultly hate when people over use fog in forge maps.

    I wrote a lot more than I thought I would I must be one hell of a narcissist
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    • I think the ability to solve really complex math problems is awesome and is the reason I went into engineering
    • I own a 1 year old husky and I want to buy at least 3 more so they can pull me
    • I was in love with Subaru impreza sti hatchbacks my entire life and I finally got one. I learned to drive stick in it
    • I grew up in an extremely right wing conservative Christian family and I'm very grateful for it
    • My entire family including my 3 siblings and parents are in love with Lord of the rings. We have decorations of Tolkien all over the house and would routinely much every lotr every month growing up
    • I dressed up as many lotr characters growing up for Halloween
    • We're also obsessed with the Lakers and Kobe. We had season tickets for 12 years. We stopped renewing them when Kobe retired
    • We all love John Wayne and my dad watches westerns all day
    • My dad defected from communist Romania when he was 16 alone, and without money. He made his way to Germany for bible school where he met my mom. She was born is SrI Lanka. They got married when they were 19 and moved to Detroit and eventually both good got masters and phd's and made a great living for us growing up. It's why they hate liberals and unemployment nets so much, because they believe you don't really need them if work hard and it makes people lazy
    • My grandfather transposed the very first bible in history to the language of Sinhalese. He's written about 50 books about the bible and is invited to teach at Ivy leagues all the time but doesn't want to leave sri lanka
    • For 2 years of my life I dedicated my time to reading apologetics, listening to debates, lectures, etc. I love debating
    • When I was young the guy my older sister was dating gave me an Xbox with a copy of Halo CE
    • Legolas is the best character in lotr
    • Muse is the best band in the world
    • I work at Treyarch
    • I used to sell trailers, before that I sold jewellery, before that I was a bartender
    • My girlfriend is an LA Kings Girl and the captain Kopitar married ****** hits on her all the time
    • I wish more people made key maps but I understand theyre a **** ton of work
    • Dogs are cool
    • There are only two genders
    • If you disagree you're a ******
    • I used to be super into rooting my android phone back when I had the galaxy s2 and would flash roms like every week. I actually did a little android development myself
    • Android has been better than ios for a long, long time
    • Google is the best company on Earth
    • I will probably be running Halo in 10 years and I am actually dead serious when I say that.
    • I'm typing this on a Google pixel which is the best phone out
    • I've played guitar for 14ish years
    • I own one of the best acoustics money can buy
    • Halo 4 is literally a better game than Halo 5
    • Halo 5 is one of the worst AAA games I have ever seen and I firmly believe every single person at that studio deserves to lose their job
    • My mother is the sweetest lady on Earth
    • Legion should've won the 2v2 contest, and Olympus should've won the mym contest
    • Socialism will never work and has never worked
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    Your edit made me smile :)
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    Also, bumpdated (my op has been edited)

    Edit: I think everyone should post one of these bumpdates to cue the crowd in, and leave room for another like (as some of these updates could get significant in size or magnitude
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    I will make another later too. But I'll just reply to the thread, no need to make the OP even longer.

    Btw good stuff guys.
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    Nice to see some peeps contributing. Let me share some more...

    -People around me used to say I'm way more capable than the career I chose. I just have zero ambition and I don't care about money at all.
    -As a young child I looked through every atlas, encyclopedia and animal book I could get my hands on.
    -I love ODST. Especially the atmosphere and score.
    -I like all seasons equally.
    -My friends say I would be a perfect teacher because I can explain things well and with enthousiasm.
    -As most Dutch people I speak 3 languages but my German is pretty rusty.
    -Patrick Mylund Nielsen's edit of Carl Sagan's 'A Pale Blue Dot' is one of the best videos on youtube.
    -I only get frustrated when I fail at something that has succeeded before.
    -Other games I like besides Halo and Red Dead Redemption are GTA, the Monkey Island series, Zelda, The Witcher III and the Bioshock games.
    -I feel very privileged being born in The Netherlands. A small, rich place with great quality of life and with lots of social liberties.
    -Pastry and desserts were my favourite things to create because it's the most creative part of a kitchen. I don't like eating it though.
    -I bought my first house at age 22.
    -I still believe CE has the best campaign. For a lot of reasons that game is still special to me.
    -I never found a kind of mustard I didn't like.
    -I've visited about 15 countries. Some twice and Spain even 6 times. We take turns choosing destinations and my wife usually goes for the ocean/sun/cocktail combo.
    -Halo 2's campaign was kinda a let down for me. Leaving Chief changed gameplay. Rushed, dark, unfinished, full of bugs and some awful texture refreshing on dead aliens. And I hated the ending. Multiplayer was brilliant though.
    -I once wrote down more American states than a US college senior in a bar in Manhattan (48-46). He bought me a huge pitcher of beer.
    -I hate indifferent people who have zero interest in the world they live in.
    -The list of movies @A 3 Legged Goat hasn't seen is the weirdest thing I've read this week.
    -I was raised to appreciate the little things and be happy with what you got. Yeah corny I know.
    -Kurzgesagt is one of my favourite youtube channels.
    -LOTR is my favourite book and movie. I'm very glad I've read it twice before it came out. I still want to read it in English someday as I have with 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.
    -My movie and music choice in general can be any genre and from any decade.
    -I'm very practical with fixing things. I see a solution in seconds.
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  16. SloppyBottom

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    I don't have the attention span to read all of these. (or at least Goat's)

    I have 16 cousins all of which I would say I'm close with. There are 9 more if you count my cousins kids.

    Banjo-Kazooie is my top 1 video game.

    I can contort my stomach muscles making them "wave" or "roll."

    I never drank more than a sip of alcohol before I was 21.

    Count me among the WRX fan club, though I have yet to own one.

    I drew. I draw. I like faces particularly.

    On that note I have a degree in hand-drawn animation.

    I work in an place where I'm regularly asked "are you a student?" or "What are you studying?" or "where do you go to school?"

    (those are very assuming and condescending questions. Don't be an asshole.)

    I'm an educator in an museum art studio space for kids.

    I am currently writing an novel and assisting my brother with an animated film.

    When I forge I spend more time running around my map half finished than actually forging. Like considerably more. An unhealthy amount.

    My friends and I have a running joke after playing a guy called "hmm god or noob" (I don't remember the exact spelling) where we say "Hmm" usually after doing something particularly foolish, experiencing bad luck, or watching someone else do something stupid.

    I occasionally start writing screenplays usually based on existing characters or ideas (almost like fan fiction) but never finish them.

    Not finishing things is a habit of mine.

    I don't have great mental health.

    I'm left-handed and partially color-blind.

    I like to whistle.

    I would like to be a fully functioning member of Forgehub but excessive social boundaries and lack of commitment to an idea/goal prevent me.

    This is true of most social groups I interact with. My brother and my wife are the only people I share a true bond with.

    I want to become a PC gamer, but Nintendo and Halo keep existing. If Nintendo could clone Halo, at least I'd only need one console.

    I starred in my High Schools production of Beauty and the Beast and Beast, having a choice between Gaston and Beast. And that's no humble brag. My schools drama department was good and I was good.

    The men's dressing room we called "manland." I was the chairman of which there was one a year, selected by the previous chairman.

    That being said I am completely secure in my sexuality.

    My dad is a local celebrity.

    I hope when Multi is Halo's King, he'll knight me.
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    moving post to another thread
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    Good sharing Goat.

    My views on morality, afterlife, religion etc are maybe for another day but on homosexuality I will say this; it is so normal in The Netherlands nobody gives a ****. Only some conservative christian parties and/or muslim communities who are a hefty minority. I know tons of man and woman who are gay and it's not even an issue here. We were the first country with same sex marriage. That was in 2001. It is just how we think here, social liberties are the greatest form of freedom you can have. Euthanasia, prostitution and abortion are all legal plus combined with a very progressive drug policy which believes in education and harm reduction. I mean outside of coffeeshops everyone can test ANY drug in every major city. For free and anonymously. Results within a few days. People will take drugs no matter what, so if it contains ratpoison, they will tell you.

    We have a tv show for over 15 years now about sex and drugs (Shoot and Swallow. It's on youtube.) where the hosts are doing drugs, film it and talk about it after with the studio audiance, celebreties, doctors etc. Just prime time tv. Every sexual taboo has been covered, gays, fetishes, experiments, education for youngsters you name it.

    We had t i t s on tv in the sixties. When Elvis Presley was only filmed from his waist up sometimes in the US because of his 'moves'. You see where I'm going with all this?

    We are so open and liberal with all these things I have a hard time sometime believing that a huge part of the US is so damn oldfashioned and conservative. It's like looking back in time. I'm not trying to be an ass here btw.

    As for the transgenders I'ts a very delicate issue. I don't know how the numbers translate to eachother but I think it's not that bad in The Netherlands...? Again, I'm only guessing. Ofcourse suicides happen a lot more, even with homosexuals. Yes even here. Because internal struggle at a young age must be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Politically I do believe in Democracy. I vote Social Democratic. And no that's not Democratic Socialism. It's a capitalistic form of socialism which is well represented in Western Europe, like in the Scandinavian countries. Which we all know are wonderful countries to be born. Every dumbass here with enough autographs can start a political party and participate in the elections. They rise and fall, almost never to stay. But you have a lot to choose from and I believe that's a good thing.

    I don't know why I'm rambling in this thread but thanks for the bump and your views Goat. I do hope some more peeps will reply though.

    EDIT: this post makes little sense now since Goat left me. Yes he just left me.
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    I forgot about this, so here goes everything.

    - I am painfully aware of my own flaws

    - Dogs are objectively better than cats in every way

    - I haven't actively played guitar for very long (maybe 5 years total) but in that time I have practiced quite a bit and fully intend on composing my own instrumental music hopefully soon

    - I am not a naturally creative person, so even though I was abnormally talented at pencil drawing growing up, most of what I drew (and draw) is photo-realistic as a result

    - Not only do I believe in God, but he is as real to me as the keyboard I'm using to type this

    - I absolutely believe that music is a spiritual bridge and (with the right music) is the closest to heaven on earth we can get

    - I am in a constant state of extreme anxiety and worry about pretty much everything, and even though I have a long way to go, I've learned to handle it well for the most part

    - One of the hardest things that I've ever had to do was reconcile that I wasn't the best at anything. Sure, nobody could be Westin better than I could be Westin, but I've always had a pride problem. I remember distinctly entering middle school from grade school and getting bullied for the first time. I never had it bad, because I was rather quick to physically react and but a stop to it, but the realization that my preconceived notion that I could never get bullied or that I wasn't the strongest kid in school (stupid, I know, but I was very young) was even more painful than anything a bully could ever do to me. I know it sounds pretentious, but I take changes to my own reality very harshly, and as a result I have come to value introspection almost as much as anything else in my life. The teachings of Jordan B Peterson and subsequently Carl Jung about "the shadow" as Jung called it, or the extreme potential or even propensity for evil that resides in all of us, has really helped me understand that we absolutely need to individually and directly address our flaws in order to avoid repeating the atrocities of history and just to better ourselves in everyday life.

    - I like Psychology and Philosophy a lot

    - I stay up ridiculously late almost every night to my own peril

    - I believe that abortion is demonstrably the worst atrocity ever perpetrated against
    mankind, and would gladly debate anyone who disagrees (not here)

    - I am extremely curious about hallucinogens because of the incredible and unexplained similarities in experiences and stories that have come from people who were completely separated by time and geography. There is also an argument to be made that the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden could have been psilocybin (a mushroom) because the "knowledge of good and evil" could be attributed to the experience that many people report after taking mushrooms. which is that all of their deepest darkest fears and desires and things they didn't know was inside them are literally and metaphorically put right in front of their face. All that being said, I will never experiment with hallucinogens because of moral constrictions and I also have what could only be explained as a deeply disturbing conviction about them or any mind altering substance

    - I am ridiculously sappy and nostalgic even about things that didn't happen that long ago. I know it sounds odd, but I can go through my xbox live friends list and see people I used to play with that haven't logged on in two years and I'll be on the verge of tears. This is especially true for music. For some reason, I can remember extremely vividly what I was doing and feeling during the first time I heard a song (or the first time a song affected me, as I sometimes listed to albums more than once before the profundity hits me) and as a result some music can produce intense feelings of euphoria or sadness

    - I don't particularly like Donald Trump, but I dislike equally the attempt to smear his name but constantly attacking him and accusing him of things without a shred of evidence. He's the furthest thing from an innocent victim, but most of what people say about him just isn't true. Again, don't take this as political commentary, but in my estimation, It is absolutely reprehensible to insult and falsely accuse people of terrible things just because you disagree with their ideas

    - Video killed the radio star

    - I've had an absolutely wonderful childhood thanks to my parents who have been happily married for 35 years

    - I have 3 sisters and two brothers, one of which I have yet to meet due to a miscarriage

    - I believe that we all have a much, much larger impact on the world than we realize. The average person will get to know about a thousand people in their lifetime, and each one of those people will get to know 1000 people and so on. That means that we are all theoretically only 2-3 people away from effecting all of humanity

    - I enjoy soda probably too much

    - Pie is objectively better than cake in every way

    - The Halo 1 campaign is probably my favorite, but Halo 3 is a close second or tied

    - I didn't have a cell phone until I was 16, and I'm honestly grateful for that. I am technologically fluent, but I am not addicted to it. I prefer a good hand-written letter sent by raven (not really)

    - I am extremely perceptive to what you would call "atmoshpere". It's a very hard thing to explain, but I believe that there are quite literally an infinite amount of ways to looks at something. One example I could give came from my dreams. I've often dreamed about places that I'm familiar with, but in my dreams those places just felt different for some reason. It's like and aura that all things and all places have, and once I get a peek at a different perspective or an alternative "aura" via a dream or different lighting or anything really, I can switch back and forth between them with just a bit of focus. I can look at something and at will change the way it looks like using a view-master toy, but it's real. I don't know how else to explain it because what I don't know could fill a warehouse, so that explanation will have to do

    - I sleep with a fan

    - I sometimes have dreams about love that are so intense and real that it kind of ruins my life for a week. It's not a story or a "dream" in any real sense either. It's sort of just an image (of a girl) and an intense feeling of mutual love and then I wake up. Nothing bad happens, we don't break up or anything like that, lol, it just ends. I've had my fair share of "wet" dreams too, but this is nothing like that

    - I don't like "normal" everyday conversations for very long as I find them to be a complete waste of time, even though they're probably just as important as the rest

    - I love movies, especially the Coen brothers' films but I'm not partial to any one style of movie (or music for that matter) to the point that I would avoid any of them

    - I believe that homosexuality is wrong, but we can't legislate based solely on morality. Murder isn't illegal because it's wrong, it's illegal because murder supersedes another individuals right to live as specified by our bill of rights.

    - life is suffering, but it can always be worse with the wrong attitude

    - My perspective on the world has radically changed after studying the Gulag Archipelago and the formation of existentialism. The Marxist and communist doctrine has led to nothing but death and chaos, and the reasons for that are surprisingly palpable and disturbing. The death toll and level of suffering between Soviet Russia (estimated at around 60 million deaths), China (100 million), and Korea (yet to be determined as they have yet to collapse) are at levels that make Hitler look like a disgruntled child. I was dumbfounded that I was taught about none of this in school, and I was even more disturbed to learn that the horrors described with painful detail in the Gulag Archipelago are taking place as we speak in north Korea. I highly recommend looking into the book or at least watching a lecture or two. I believe that it is the most important piece of literature of the 20th century. It's long, verbose, and deeply disturbing, so I don't blame anyone for not reading it. However, the core Ideas are extremely important to understand

    - I usually don't eat desert, but when I do, I prefer pastries

    - I think modern art is a joke

    - Some of my better friends are ones I've made online

    - I'm running out of things to say

    That's all for now.
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  20. WeedCough

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    Sure. I feel like no one in the forge community knows anything about me other than weed jokes haha.

    -I'm 21
    -From Canada, Toronto area specifically
    -I'm a filmmaker, specifically writing and directing
    -Also I edit my own vids and would love working in an art director type role
    -Maybe I'll post one of my films
    -I also like video games and advertising so I guess thats my back up haha
    -4 years into a beautiful relationship with my girl
    -Shes also my best friend and were going to Vancouver in a week
    -Graduated college with a media fundamentals certificate
    -Dropped out of Bachelor of Film and TV (people were preppy douche bags, teachers taught you to film like a robot, assignments sucked)
    -Just moved home from my college town
    -Currently drifting in life, really have no clue how I'm going to achieve my dreams and I'm terrified
    -I've always loved to draw, write and watch movies
    -Creativity is really low right now
    -I picked up forging at the end of Halo 3. Was bad
    -Was bad till at least H5, still think I'm ****
    -Still trying to make a ****ing good amusement park map
    -Still love Halo and what it means to my childhood
    -343 is pretty ass apart from the forge team
    -Mostly liberal minded, but have some conservative streaks
    -Trump sucks, but so did Hillary
    -Hella glad to live in Canada
    -I love nature and trees
    -My favourite genre of movie is Horror and Sci-fi
    -Favorite music genre is Hip Hop (currently listening to YAH on kendricks new project
    -Used to rap lol then found out I really only enjoyed the story telling component and dreaming up music videos
    -I have some pretty hardcore anxiety and depression, as well as OCD
    -its held me back for years
    -mostly social anxiety, but I'm a pretty laid back and people have told me I give good advice
    -Trying my best to stay on positive vibes
    -Drink/smoke a little too much tho

    EDIT: took out my vid cause I don't wanna be a lame self promoter and brigade my view count with forge hub peeps lol
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