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    Hi ForgeHub,

    Today I'm excited to announce the beginning of a new project, all to celebrate YOU - The Forge Community. What better way to celebrate our achievements, our designs and our creativity that with the first ever ForgeHub Community Montage!

    I've always enjoyed making montages, but making them for map designs/Forge creations, and not gameplay may not be particularly entertaining for everyone. So I'd like to create something that's an amalgamation of the two.

    The montage will be made using clips captured via the XboxDVR platform, so all you have to do is:

    • Do something awesome in a Forge map/mode
    • Xbox Record That
    • Copy a link to the clip, via either or and submit it below.

    There is only one rule - the gameplay clip you capture MUST be on a Forge creation. NO standard gameplay on Dev maps is allowed, no matter how awesome it may be.

    All genres and playstyles will be accepted, so send your grifball, sweaty, infection and goofy clips my way - including derpy Forge glitches where stuff explodes and goes horribly wrong. Users can submit multiple clips, but I cannot guarantee all clips will be used. Please bear in mind that as BTB is a purely Forge playlist, clips from BTB MM games will also be accepted, but I'd try to be a little more creative if you can. ;)

    I went all of ForgeHub and the wider Forge community to get together on this - doesn't have to be your map - just has to be a good clip relating to Forge. So go out there, playtest, do something cool, and drop it my way.

    Deadline for submission: 7th March 2017.

    Forge on nerds,

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sikamikanico, Jan 30, 2017.

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