The Cartographers Want Your Infection Maps for Matchmaking!

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    The Community Cartographers are collecting Infection maps to be added to Halo 5's matchmaking playlist. While we don't have any dates to share, we know that 343 is intent on creating a playlist for this gametype shortly. We recommend that you submit your map to as many website platforms as possible to ensure that your map receives the recognition and attention it deserves.


    Please submit your infection maps on Halo Waypoint by visiting the following link: MAP SUBMISSION THREAD.

    Maps are due April 23rd

    When your infection map is complete and you are submitting it on Halo Waypoint, please follow the proper format when submitting your maps. Simply copy and paste the provided structure verbatim into your post. Failure to include portions of your submission may result in your map not being reviewed, please make sure to include everything that is not listed under the Optional section. For screenshots, you are free to embed them in your post, but please include a link to the screenshot on as well, so that I can download the original file at full resolution. For videos, please try to keep your video under two minutes, if possible.
    • Map Name:
    • Author(s):
    • Gametype: (“Infection”, “Hivemind”, or create one of your own)
    • Map Description: (at most 1-2 sentences)
    • Screenshot: (XboxDVR link)
    • (Optional) Video: (XboxDVR or YouTube link)
    • Map Name: Freeman Bay
    • Author: REMkings
    • Gametype: Hivemind
    • Map Description: An asymmetric seaport village that supports 12 players


    Please use this thread for questions relating to submission guidlines or gametype information only.

    As you may have seen in the recent Reddit thread, The Truth Behind the Cartographers, we will be implementing a new map submission system on waypoint in the near future.

    "We've been keeping an eye on feedback on maps process for quite some time, including stuff dating back many years. The Forge, Multiplayer, and Community teams are working together to determine the best ways to heavily adjust processes and restructure moving forward, beginning with the next upcoming community map submission period, which will focus on grabbing some new Infection maps for consideration. Look forward to a Waypoint submission thread next week. Thanks for all of the feedback and thoughts thusfar." - BRAVO

    - 12 Players
    - All classic or previously existing infection game modes such as 'Infection', 'Hivemind', 'Braaains', etc.
    - Create your own custom gametype variant via custom menu options and test with your friends using honor rules.


    After your infection map is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Community Cartographers. They will be meticulous in looking for any map issues that will impact gameplay: player containment, incorrect spawn points, misplaced kill barriers, unruly geometry, etc.

    If any revisions are required, the Cartographers will contact the map’s creator with feedback. Maps that are not properly contained with kill boundaries or suffer from performance issues won’t be considered for matchmaking.

    As always, 343 Industries has the final say in everything that goes into matchmaking and when the playlist is updated. The Community Cartographers will make recommendations, but 343 Industries will make the final call.

    Finally, if your map does not make this first matchmaking implementation round, please still complete it and submit it in this thread so that we can update the playlist in the near future.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WARHOLIC, Apr 13, 2016.

    1. xXBarthXx
      Do we know what teams will be used for the gametype? Should we just use Red and Blue?

      It would be nice to know so we can have intro/outro cameras and spawns set correctly for when the official gametype comes out.
    2. HeX Reapers
      HeX Reapers
      Great to see Hivemind is coming back... But so is Braaains? So I'm guessing Braaains is classic infection and "Infection" is infection with spartan abilities and alpha zombies?
    3. Doju
      I think 343s lack of understanding here on gametypes is why its took 6 months to release Infection as a whole.

      For those uncertain, try get yourself into Infection lobbies with Paint and friends who Im sure will have a better understanding of whats likely to happen.

      Take the initiative and use the shoutbox/discord/make a thread if you need feedback on your infection map rather than wait for more announcements.
    4. Anarchy Kane
      Anarchy Kane
      • Map Name: Departure
      • Author(s): Anarchy Kane
      • Gametype: Default Infection
      • Map Description: After a long night of lookout the zombies attack at dawn in this abandoned airport terminal. 2-16 Players
      • Screenshot:
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      If you are banned on Waypoint please submit your map in this thread and I'll make sure to receive it. I didn't think about people that are banned on waypoint so thanks for raising that issue. That goes the same for anyone else too. Please use this thread as an alternate submission method.
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    6. AgentPaperCraft
      There's 2 submission dates we're hoping that they will release the gametype inbetween them so we can do normal testing, there's no word on whether they will do this, but we are hopeful!
    7. SammichEaterPro
      I'm just kidding around in all honesty. The clues are given if you can read between the lines. It was suggested to use the honour rules gametype by the community (on PA1NTS and REMkings fileshare). It was also noted that the Hivemind settings were favoured.

      That says more than enough for me to build an adequate map, but the biggest variable will be whether or not it is one-hit conversion or two-hit. Or if two gametypes will be implemented.

      EDIT: The clues only really help those who played or forged a lot in Halo 4 for Hivemind.
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      Yes, this game mode will make use of red and blue spawn points. Infected spawn points should be labelled blue and human spawn points should be red. If you could provide corresponding intro and outro cameras that would be great.
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    9. thefro3po
      What is this Hivemind you speak of?
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    10. REMkings
      Hey guys!

      Glad to see everyone's as excited as I am!
      I would like to share a few pieces of thought with you as we all prepare for this great update to come.

      First of all: I would strongly advice to stick to forging 1 map. Your chances of getting your map in Matchmaking will obviously increase when the map has better functionality and aesthetics, and by focussing on one map instead of more you have more time to make necessary tweaks and invest in the design and lay-out.

      Secondly: Be reminded that we have no detailed information on the upcoming gametype at all. That's why for now it's best not to speculate, but to simply make a map that works with honor rules settings like Warholic recommended in the initial post. You can find such gametypes in the fileshares of both PA1NTS and myself, REMkings. In short here's an overview on how to set up your map:
      - Red spawns should be used for human players, blue ones should be used for zombies.
      - Weapons are available for pick-up and may be placed on the map.
      - Players start with an Energy Sword and Assault Rifle. They are allowed to drop the sword when playing as a member from Red Team.
      - It's best to play with 2 or 3 blue players from the start, depending on how big of a lobby you have.

      If you have any more questions, whether you need help with your map or something else, feel free to message me via ForgeHub or Skype. My username for the latter is 'remkings'.

      Hivemind was the community driven gametype used for Flood maps in the Matchmaking playlist in Halo 4. The key aspects of this gametype featured a different starting weapon (Assault Rifle instead of Shotgun) and weapons with limited extra ammunition scattered around the map. This, combined with the specific settings, allowed for highly competitive and cooperative gameplay.
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    11. Sikamikanico
      Can we specify that a map plays best without radar?

      And we post the maps on Waypoint, not here...right?
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    12. WARHOLIC
      Right, maps should be posted on waypoint but if you're banned or find it more convenient to post here I'll find it. I know that waypoint doesn't typically allow web links but hopefully 343 changes permissions on those threads for image and video links. Its something we've talked about.
    13. Doju
      My ban ends in 2053 so I'l just post them then
    14. REMkings
      I would think so (but I'm not a Cartographer), though I would like to point out that Hivemind did implement the use of a radar.
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    15. HAL0 M4N
      HAL0 M4N
      So Last Stand maps can be submitted?
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    16. Sushi Shikigami
    17. Anarchy Kane
      Anarchy Kane
      • Map Name: Frostbite(Frostbite Updated 1 on fileshare.
      • Author(s): Anarchy Kane
      • Gametype: Default Infection Gametypes
      • Map Description: A team of Spartans were sent to recover the crew of a downed pelican. They were found but were not alone. Small cemetery map with holdout spots. 2-16 players.
      • Screenshot: Screenshot-Original.png
      • Video: Frostbite
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    18. Volcanic Decay
      Volcanic Decay
      • Map Name:Backwash
      • Author(s):xVolcanic Decay
      • Gametype: (Hivemind
      • Map Description:Once a functioning facility this dam now sits empty and deserted yet any man that steps foot will never see the light of day again.12 to 8 players
      • Screenshot:
      • (Optional) Video:
    19. INFINUT

      Map Name:

      INFINUT & Flammingrunt

      Game Type:

      Map Description:
      Halo Reach campaign mission remake "Lone wolf". Spartans never die... A circular terrain play space glassed by the covenant!
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    20. Psychoduck

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