Testing Maps in Halo: Reach!

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    Hey guys, I’m n0mnom321 and I’ve been forging since the good old O.G Halo: Reach. With the new forge items coming in the near future, I’ve started forgoing in Halo: Reach on MCC and have made several maps so far.

    I've hosted several generic customs so far and have been testing many of my maps, but since these aren't map testing lobbies, I can only get away with one or two before having to return to classic maps. I want to start hosting map testing lobbies that are specifically for testing, with a community of forgers in the lobby so we can all test each other’s maps without having to worry about trolls breaking the maps constantly or incessant complaining to play old, popular maps. As forgers, we can give each other some constructive feedback and improve on each of our creations.

    Hopefully, we can resuscitate the Halo: Reach forge community and allow community content to flourish once more. If you’re interested in reviving the forging community with me, send me a message over Xbox Live or post a response on this thread - let’s get the ball rolling!

    If you're interested, you can check out a few things that I have been working on:

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