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    Results Day

    So, it’s finally over, the results are in and the winners are to be announced. So, lets just jump into it.

    In 3rd place we have Vessel by @CommanderColson


    Easily the best-looking map in the entire competition and a sure favorite to win by pretty much everyone. However, public expectations and beauty alone aren’t enough to guarantee you a victory. Although the map had interesting mechanics such as the destructible areas which completely blocked off pathway sections of the map; there were spawn camping issues as well as the head glitching that would often occur. But overall, its still a great looking map that needs only a few tweaks to enhance the performance

    In 2nd place we have Ragnarok by @Red Hunter


    This map started out poor, with random game crashes, framerate and lighting issues. But Red Hunter managed to turn this around after the feedback sessions, working with our suggestions close in mind. The final product has been a great map to play on with his unique (yet functional) choices in weaponry, power-play cliff face that provided some intense interactions and incredibly immersive atmosphere that stood tall against the competition.

    In 1st place we have Elypsis by @FlamminGrunt and @RBG Persian


    With its outstanding flow and amazing environment, FlamminGrunt killed the layout while Persian hammered out the Aesthetics. The use of Mantises as the only vehicle was a risky move, but it paid off with a superb choice of weapons to counter the vehicular assault whilst allowing the driver a brief and challenging, yet fun, escapade. This map was by far the most balanced and I always found myself enjoying each aspect of the layout and weapon variety when playing.

    But I’m not done yet!

    As a bonus shoutout, here’s two runners-up who had a great crack at the competition:

    City of Wind by @ChanelWitDaBoof


    Foggy streets by @Mauimndz


    Both of these creators had great concepts for their maps, so as such, we thought a runners-up place was necessary.

    Finally, I want to thank everyone who participated (including @Mags who unfortunately missed the deadline) I know you all jumped into this competition blind so don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t win as it genuinely was fair game. You’ve all helped me understand my gamemode and have allowed a more intensive look into how I can update Team Conquest and finally move it into Alpha.

    I would also like to extend my thanks to the ForgeHub Team for not only sponsoring this event, but allowing me to host it on their site. I really appreciate the time the admins took out of their own to go through the posts with me.

    Lastly, I want to thank all those who helped in testing the sessions. As you all know, hosting 8v8 on Halo 5 these days can be a challenge to say the least. Having friends and other forgers come out to support the testing sessions was a great relief, so thanks again.

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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by ZombieDyer, Aug 26, 2018.

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