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    Hey everyone, its competition time once again!



    We are pleased to announce a new Forge contest for you all co-hosted by myself, ZombieDyer, and ForgeHub. That being said, ForgeHub is not responsible for managing the judging of this contest in any way but has been kind enough to provide a $500 total prize pool in addition to promoting this event for you all. I hope this will provide a fun community competition that will inspire amazing creations for everyone to enjoy! :)



    So, the competition is centred around creating a map for my “Team Conquest” gamemode (which can be bookmarked here to use when testing your map). This custom gamemode focuses on fast-paced, consistent interactions between 2 teams of up to 8 players per side. The map should be made to support 8v8 and I have linked a prefab of the blockout for the play space below. When forging your map, it is important to remember that any accessible area outside of this play space, should be at least covered in a timed kill zone. You may have areas outside of the original blockout that players can get to if you feel its necessary for your map’s theme, but we would advise that you stick to the original size as much as possible with visible blockers (such as buildings or cliffs) or timed kill zones surrounding the entire edge of the play space.

    Blockout prefab link


    I have provided 2 of my existing Team Conquest maps for you to gain inspiration from: WW1 Trenches and WW2 Hacksaw Ridge. When constructing a theme for your map, you can make it absolutely anything you want, be it a historically accurate depiction of a past real world war, something from your own imagination, a remake from a scene of a game, film or TV show or even a comedic map. Just because my TC maps area focused on early 1900’s warfare, don’t feel you have to follow suit.


    There are two sides to the map for both teams to spawn at, whether that be a base or just a well-covered area of the map’s terrain. In between these two areas is a “no-man’s-land” esc environment where players will meet and the majority of the conflict will take place. It is important to remember that this will be a war simulating experience, so we would advise against having an abundance in varied levels in the no-man’s-land section, I would say stick to only two differently elevated levels max. Keep your map relatively flat with a decent amount of cover and that should work well. However, if you find a map style that works well with the gamemode then feel free to incorporate it into your design. Overall, we want players to be dying a lot with an average life expectancy of 10-20 seconds per spawn. Oh, and you can have any vehicles on your map so don’t forget to incorporate vehicle-friendly areas into your layout as well. But try not to go overboard. ;)


    So, a game of Team Conquest lasts 15 minutes with the sole objective of killing as many players on the opposite team as possible before the match ends. The team at the end of the game with the most kills will naturally win. Even so, we generally find that 250 – 300 kills form the total for both teams by the end of the match and each game should appear balanced in scoring unless an external factor alters the match’s gameplay (such as unbalanced teams or AFK players). If one team consistently wins then you may need to revise your weapon placement and map layout to address the case of the unbalanced aspects.


    All permitted weapons have been devised into 4 tiers and can be bookmarked as a prefab here. Tier 1 weapons (green) should be set to respawn 5 seconds after disturbance. You can have as many of this tier on your map as you wish and they act as “primary” weapons. Tier 2 (yellow) should respawn 10 seconds after disturbance and we will only allow you to have 5 of each per side. Tier 3 (red) should respawn 15 seconds after disturbance and we will only allow 1 of each per side. The only tier 4 weapon is Jorge’s Chaingun which is set to respawn 60 seconds after death or deletion. If you wish to use the tier 4 weapon, it must be placed in the centre of the map with only one available for both teams to fight over. This encourages players to enter the no-mans-land section of the map and it should be marked with a visual cue (such as a light or sign). As for vehicles, turrets with stands and grenades, we will let you decide which suit your map best and at what rate they will respawn. If you do not feel vehicles will work with your map, there is no requirement to feature any and marks will not be deducted for lack of them.



    JoeSubbi and Myself will be judging all maps from submission day to the final 3 winners announcement. Foge will be helping give feedback during streams, pick out maps to enter the finals list and shall advise Joe and Myself when it comes to the 3 finalists.

    There will be a point system we will stick by while judging the maps. There are 2 focal areas which you should consider when constructing your map. The minimum amount of points you can score for each area is ½ a point with an exceptional performance within that area earning you the full marks. So, for reference: a 2.5 point map is average with a 5 point map being outstanding.

    Area 1: Immersion – worth up to 2 points

    How well can a player be immersed in your map? Will I feel like I’m really there in that war? Are there lighting issues, lack of sound effects, holes in your map that could ruin my experience?

    Area 2: Gameplay – worth up to 3 points

    Does your map reach the 250-300 kills end game mark? Is one side more over-powered? Would I feel confident that my team has an equal chance at winning? Does the cover flow with the map allowing for interesting confrontations? How well do your weapons and vehicles work with the over all flow of the battle?


    1st place: $300

    2nd place: $200

    3rd place: $100

    The 3 winners will also get a full map feature on my channel along-side being a part of the cinematic trailer for Team Conquest Series 1. I will also make special map thumbnails for the winners’ maps.


    A separate thread will be posted on Monday 2nd July where you can submit your maps. This thread will be linked here when it goes live. You have until 15th July (12pm EST) to submit any maps you wish to enter.


    WW1 Trenches: LINK
    WW2 Hacksaw Ridge: LINK

    Team Conquest Gamemode: LINK
    Team Conquest Blockout: LINK
    Team Conquest Weapon List: LINK

    My YouTube Channel (for streaming feedback): LINK

    We will be streaming feedback sessions from 22nd July every Sunday from 7pm – 11pm UK time, 2pm – 6pm EST.

    You can co-forge a map for this competition with a friend(s). Just be aware that the primary forger will receive the full winnings if the map places 1st, 2nd or 3rd and it is up to them to split the money between everyone involved.

    You can enter up to 3 maps in the competition submission thread.

    All submissions must have been originally created after the 17th June. They will also need to be uploaded to ForgeHub under the “maps” section of the site with a download link. The gamemode is technically a minigame so I suggest you list it as such when uploading your map.

    If you need to get in-touch with me about anything regarding the competition, your best bet is to either “start a conversation” with me here on ForgeHub or send me a direct message on twitter:

    This is my first time writing up a competition so if I’ve missed anything, let me know. If you have any other questions, drop ‘em below and I’ll get back to you asap!

    Good luck to all! :)

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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by ZombieDyer, Jun 17, 2018.

    1. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      Always wanted to make a trench map
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    2. Mauimndz
      How many maps can we submit?
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    3. ZombieDyer
      As stated under the "Additional Info" section, 3 is the limit. :)
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      Bloody hell!

      Guess I'll have a go.
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    5. ZombieDyer
      go on la' ;)
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    6. Blaze
      I thought this was for the old-school conquest gametype and now I'm sad. Haha

    7. ZombieDyer
      sorry to disappoint
    8. Mauimndz
      *Uff Roblox sound plays*
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    9. CommanderColson
    10. CommanderColson
      are using prefabs permitted (other people's)
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    11. ZombieDyer
      We'd rather our submissions be made 100% by the original forger. However it is impossible to tell if a prefab has been used sometimes. So how about this: if we can clearly tell you've used a prefab, then we'll deduct 1/2 a point from the immersion category as it would look out of place. If you manage to sneak it without us knowing or we don't think it looks too obvious, maybe make your own edits to it too in order to blend it into your map and aesthetic, then we won't mind. Either way, if you plan to use prefabs, please credit the author when you post the map on forgehub. :)

      Hope that answers it, it's a tricky subject.
    12. RPG3000
      What if only 2 people enter who gets the 3rd place prize?
    13. ZombieDyer
      I do! :)
      Nah, jk. I don't want to say too much and I'm sure @SIR IRON WOLF or @Nitro could give more input on this matter, but seeing as its a sponsored event, ForgeHub might just keep the 3rd place money if there's no one to win it.
    14. CommanderColson
      Well, this is the prefab I'm wondering about. The big covy cruiser. I wasn't gonna try top hide it but because it is a universally known piece of halo geometry-- I feel like I could make my own version sure-- but thats how its suppose to look. Its already been done. It just feels kinda meaningless to make my own version when It'll literally turn out exactly like that one. Now if it was a unique prefab then sure I totally understand. But with stuff like this, when theres only one way to make it because its technically not an original design to the forger..?
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    15. CommanderColson
      Like if I was gonna make my own, how would anyone even be able to tell them apart, because this guy basically made it the only way you can really make it
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    16. ZombieDyer
      Ok, so the prefab you've demonstrated still falls under the judging process and here's how: What you're using isn't a highly detailed piece, its a background prop. So long as you merge it into the map's aesthetic (as previously mentioned) and it correlates with the map's theme, then its fine. An example of something that would get you marks deducted would be if you were to use a watch tower that was highly detailed, very futuristic and clean on a modern, grimy trenches map. That's the sort of thing we'd deduct points for as it breaks the immersion of the map. Use this piece well on your submission and I doubt there will be an issue. Also, I'm not just going to leave people guessing, during the feedback streams, I'll be pointing out this sorta stuff so people can change it. :)
    17. ZombieDyer
      Also, this rule applies to your own prefabs as well as using other people's. Its a case of visuals, not gameplay so it needs to fit the theme and aesthetic just as any other item you place on the map would.
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    18. Mauimndz
      I hate myself because I’m already thinking of more ideas for another map.
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    19. ZombieDyer
      you can enter more than 1 map my man :)
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