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    Paints, you did a really great job with this map.

    I feel like you should try to avoid some of the negative feedback this map is receiving. It seems as if most of the people criticizing this map post aren't doing so in regards to the quality of the map, but what it was a remake of. That is the worst kind of criticism - you're being shot down for having an idea.

    You said you did this map for the challenge. That is the absolute greatest possible reason to forge anything. I know how it feels to try and make something new, something with no precedents or guides or resources to help you out. You couldn't dissect someone else's Sword Base remake for help, because there simply were no good Sword Base remakes. You did an absolutely breathtaking job at taking something that was virtually unplayable - and that contained all of the worst aspects of Halo Reach matchmaking (small rooms, lack of map flow, camping problems, overpowered topside, sloppy weapon spawning) and making it into something absolutely playable.

    Based on the pictures you've given us alone, I can already see some gameplay improvements that would result from the several changes you've made to the map. You've given the entire map a sleeker, cleaner look, with far less visual clutter to get stuck on. This lends a faster feel to the pace of gameplay, and allows the player to more easily make spatial reasoning decisions because they have a much lower visual static to signal ratio.

    You've also lowered the height of the map somewhat, compacting it all into a smaller playspace. The benefits of this are two-fold: Halo is not a game designed to support strong vertical gameplay. For the most part, the game becomes sloppy when too many vertical elements show up without horizontal elements to balance them out. This map, with its compacted height, retains some height variation without it being disorienting to aim at enemies on platforms above you. This directly leads to the map feeling more like one cohesive unit with no "safe-zones", and the pathways feeling more like natural extensions of the map. The second effect of compacting the map is greater downwards flow. Sword Base is known for its poor downwards flow, because of fall damage and small rooms. Gameplay naturally flows to the top of the map, with no safe outlets to bring it back down. By removing portions of the fall damage at each level, you give players an alternate outlet downwards.

    Combined with widening hallways and larger, more open top side rooms, this remake helps to remove the worst offender of Sword Base - the horrible camping. Camping in top gold is much harder now, as close range players needs to cover slightly more grown. Importantly, not all entrances can be within lunge / one-shot-kill range at once. The more open top office room should lead to more flow through that location, with less of a defender's reward for refusing to move out of it.

    You've managed to correct in your remake most of the problems I have with Sword Base. To put it simply, the people "correcting" your choice of map miss the entire point of a remake, which is to improve on what already exists. It would be much harder to do this in Halo 4, as the game will be using a largely different combat style from previous Halo games, which would be hard to immediately balance around a Halo Reach remake. You have done a wonderful job Paints, be proud of it.
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