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Discussion in 'Screenshot Discussion' started by spazmonkey92, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Screenshot Mayhem!

    This is a new idea my myself [spazmonkey92] [Berk Is Back] and [M4JOR N1NJ4]

    there will be a weekly theme that should be updated by one of the competition moderators.

    An entry will be marked on originality, use of effects, (being smart in a photographic way), and somthing that makes us say wow!

    places can be reserved but dont go crazy,

    here is somthing i have come up with
    the fist weeks theme will be.......

    Funny Positions.

    You can do things like sex positions or funny death zones.

    Anything in that area.

    good luck.

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    ^Wow, I saw this post a long time ago. lolz, no one wants to enter lolz. I might enter l8er, just give me till tomorraw, and I will.
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    Well here is a gross picture.

    Now women that red dot is what you want

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