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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mace, Dec 24, 2009.

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    The C4Ds add some very nice flow to the sig, and I really like the desaturation. The lighting is a bit odd, because the left half of the sig is medium-bright, but that side of his visor is fairly dark... It would probably look more natural if you darkened the background on the left. I think the splatter is interesting, though it doesn't really pop as much as I had imagined it would (based on the title of the thread, anyway). The text placement is really nice, but I think the font should be a bit bigger/bulkier, but that could just be a personal thing... Anyway, the sig is pretty good overall.

    The first thing that I notice is the multi-colored streaking C4D effect, and it does not look the best, unfortunately. It really is the coloring of the C4D(s) that makes it/them stand out so much from the rest of the sig... You should probably try recoloring those to some shade of blue-grey. Other than that, the splash/ripple/motion blur effect is a bit low-quality and pixelated, as though the stock was over-sharpened before being blurred. Its an ok sig, but it could use a bit of touching up...

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