Should Weapon and Armor upgrades happen in FPS games.

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    As someone who's played the spectrum of FPS games like Unreal, Halo, Left for Dead, Dead Space, Killzone, Mass Effect, Borderlands, Uncharted, Destiny, Anthem, ect. I'm hard pressed to believe that Weapon and Armor progression is really a valuable addition to the mix. I would actually argue that they often detract from the story and end up making you hunt around every little nook and cranny for some upgrade that gives you an minor incremental upgrade over your current weapon or armor to little avail.

    In the end they just upgrade the enemy to match the new weapon power and you never really advance. What's worse is that if you happen upon enemies that you previously fought like hell to beat they just end up falling with ease before the new pimped you, taking the challenge and fun out of the game.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't help but feel a good Weapons toolbox will trump upgradable equipment every time, not only from a player interaction point of view but also from a development point of view. Less development time focused on trying to get the game to level with your progression and more time spent on polishing the story and challenges.
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