Sharing my (large) MCC collection of ForgeHub's Finest Halo 3 Maps/Modes

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    Hi all, long time no see

    Halo 3 dropped, and it plays like butter, aside from the hit detection issues.
    Idc about Reach cause idk Reach. I know Halo 3.

    Here are the best maps (and select modes) from ForgeHub that I downloaded. And more.
    All nice and named for you. It's been a busy week for me, finding these.


    Read the readme file inside to figure out how to manage your files if you don't already know how to

    If you think I'm missing something, please comment with the thread below - preferably with the exact gamertag whose fileshare has whatever you want me to download. I already have quite a few minigames in there, but my focus is definitely the more team-based games outside of infection.

    Less than half of my pack has overlap with the Halo 3 mega pack released by the H3Customs discord. They do theirs differently, and they're taking liberties with renaming stuff ingame. My files are the originals, and will appear ingame as the originals (aside from the loss of info that goes with putting stuff in the _variants folders...). If you feel like you can significantly contribute to this effort, I will add you as an editor on the Google Drive.

    I'll also take this time to plug myself and what I'm hoping for.
    I want to run regular Halo 3 customs on all our favorite maps. Please, reach (no, not that one) out to me - I have a discord for this purpose, and hope to cultivate a community of, you know, connoisseurs that can still boogie.

    Long live Forgehub's Finest
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    Holy hell that's a lot of maps to gather in a week. :surprise:

    I see several maps from designers that are still active here: @Blaze @Zombievillan @Fritzster

    Very cool of you to package these all up together.
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    Sweet! Man to think I was spending 100’s of hours in Foundry building those maps 12-13 years ago.

    lot of members in there I haven’t seen in a long time too. :(

    look at Blaze making a living out of it! I’m just lurking around checking in from time to time but I haven’t forged in a loooooong time. Now my son just plays fort nite constantly on my same gamer tag lol.
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