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    (Originally posted June 2020) - JAMN

    It's Kenjamin - There has been a resurgence among the 'halo racing community' ...seems we all have a bit more time for halo these past few months...

    The 'hardcore' drivers at have been running MCC tournaments and some of the "Greatest RACE Map Makers EVER" have started building and racing again. Inspiring really. ...tears of joy... AND ...ForgeHub Halo 5 map makers created a nice collection of Race Maps too. - 295 at time of this post -

    I have been getting questions about forging Race for MCC and gametypes to use, and here is what I collected. ...did you miss the "one-week" Featured MCC Social Playlist with Community Race Maps from H3 and H2A - like a week ago, It was great!!!

    *The info below may be less useful if the MCC gets a file browser upgrade.*

    If you have additional info, please comment below.
    I'll add any helpful videos to the playlist below.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection -
    REACH - has a race gametype built-in.
    CE - has a race gametype but... I got nothing on that, lets move on.
    H2A - has a variety of 'built-in' race gametypes.
    H3 - uses a modified VIP gametype. RACETRACKS is used for most maps.
    H4 - uses a slayer variant (Race 1.x, H4 Race) -OR- a King-of-the-Hill variant (RACETRACKS).

    The gametypes for these are not yet available via a file browser. You can search fileshares by gamertag. Here is how you can search mine - From MCC Title Screen...
    - (x) Roster, Choose your nameplate (a), Find Player, search "Kenjamin1 MI" or other gamertag, Player Details, File Share (a), Gametypes (a), (RB - RB), Shared Files (a)... scroll for what you need, then download. I have several for some of the titles... H3 Race, H4 Race, Racetracks (for H4 KotH-type race maps), and some other fun gametypes like Rocket Race!

    Forging for race differs among the titles, vehicle physics and handling does as well. You may need to try more than one gametype, depending how the map you are playing was forged. H2A has in-game respawning issues but has a powerful forge and one of the better mongooses. Reach, H2A and H4 are the most used titles for racing. MCC racing is "Typically" done with mongoose.

    Link to "How-To" videos on YouTube - Info to FORGE/Script Race - most old techniques work for MCC counterparts!!!
    * I put them into a Playlist together on my channel to use one link instead of a bunch.

    2011 - LayedBackGaming - Reach
    2012 - TamlyTime - H4 Racetracks 'KotH-type'
    2013 - Halo Mods - H4 Race 1.1
    2013 - DemolitionTurtle - H4 Rocket Race
    2013 - Ducain Plays - H4 Race
    2014 - Ducain Plays - H2A Race for MCC
    2016 - Ducain23 - H5 Alpine Rally (Race) - Ducain23's Mongoose Race
    2017 - KEEGraphicsMI - H5 additional race forge tips**

    ** This is a link to download a ZIP folder that has 343's original Halo 5 design/scripting documents for (RACE - KotH - and Battle Golf). ...So, if that interests you.

    Halo 3 Race information is sparse. The VIP mode uses a teleporter protected hill zone on a timer to count laps. Maybe, the upgrades coming to MCC and on pc, like phased/fixed, will help H3 forge be a better tool for racing.

    Halo 5: Guardians -
    H5 - uses a 343 provided Alpine Rally (Race) or Jungle Rush (Race) gametype - many variations of these are available at Halo Waypoint in the Content Browser.
    You can search for 'race' or by gamertag - My "File Share" has a selection, and my "Bookmarks" have a variety of other vehicle-based gametypes. Like Rocket Race.
    (Log In to Waypoint to view) My H5 Fileshare - MI

    If the Halo 5 map you are trying to race does not have checkpoints (early H5 maps did not), try 'RACE by JAMN' (FFA Slayer) gametype from my fileshare.

    This is intended to offer HELP to anyone interested in Forging for Race or Enjoying Race in MCC with their friends. HALO is for Everyone. Have Fun! Drive Fast!
    - JAMN
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    my only gripe, H5 race doesn't work with with lobbies 2+
    the ck points don't register, so everything has to be done in
    a slayer gametype with 1 marker at the end.

    my 343 Halo Infinite race hopes must remain low
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    What?? Halo 5 does sometimes glitch checkpoints, sometimes with big lobbies. Do you mean H2A on MCC? That checkpoint system is way less dependable than Halo 5's. Any hope is some hope.
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