Resource for how to map saves/renames, keep urls?

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    I know there have been some bugs as far as saving maps, like the save button not working, so I was renaming my maps every few minutes the whole time I was building them. Then I learned if I renamed it the same thing, it would save over it AND keep the same download link, which I did not know was possible. So now, I need to know if I can change the name and keep the same download link. I don't want to lose my download link, because it's a way to rank our maps, and show people they are worth bookmarking.

    So is there a resource that explains all of this?

    I'm fairly new at forging, but I've spent countless hours on my maps, and I'm proud of them. I need to know how to do this stuff right. So to recap, I'm looking for resources that:

    * Explain the Halo 5 Forge mechanics as far as safe map saving
    * Explain the Halo 5 Forge mechanics as far as how to keep the download urls to your map
    * Explain current bugs involving anything to do with map saves and keeping the download urls lol

    Edit: What happened is I went in yesterday and fixed some issues on one of my maps, and saved it. But instead of keeping the same name, the save reverted back to a previous name. There is a small chance I just hit the save button, but I'm in the habit of renaming it with the same name, so I *probably did that, but not sure.
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