Reflecting on Halo Customs and Forge for the last 4 years

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  1. ScaredHitman086

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    Hey guys and gals,

    There will be a couple thoughts from me. But first I want to ask, how does everyone feel? Halo 5 has been out for almost 4 YEARS. Hard to believe right? This also extends to Forgehub and any of the other titles. How has Forgehub been to everyone(community, activity, etc.)? How do we feel about MCC customs now? I am curious how we feel after these last couple years.

    Before everyone sh*tposts, "Halo 5 sucks more than a horde of leeches at a gay beach party."
    *post locked*

    OR "Forgehub is dead lel."

    I thought I would quickly review some of my time in Halo 5 forge, MCC customs, and forgehub.

    I joined forgehub a couple years ago when working on Halo 5 minigame. My friends and I had a lot of fun play testing it, but I needed help to really "finish" the map. I found forgehub and posted my map to find help for parts of it my pea brain couldn't comprehend.

    Sadly, while this was happening, I got into my fair share of toxic fights on forghub. Young naive me couldn't stand the gameplay of a doubles map added into H5 doubles rotation. Many of you will remeber as it was the map with 4 powerups(speed, damage, overshield, and camo). Plenty of people felt the same way, but of course young me said some mean shiz. I later apologized and learned to not be a sh*tlord, especially when people made totally new style maps. I also learned to be not opposed to change and I eventually learned to see new unique maps as creative new gameplay, even if I didn't always enjoy it.

    Halo 5 forge and customs has not been perfect. Server errors abound, long loading issues when people join midgame. Forge objects slightly move out of place on occasion. The custom browser is a huge win and guarantees a full lobby to test a map, if you start with 5 people. I'm sure plenty of forgers feel there are lots of forgers, but not as many players. Those are the kinds of questions I am curious to see what people respond here.

    Ultimately, I fully finished my minigame map. I slipped off of forgehub failing to think of anything new to forge and growing increasingly busy as I started college. I always come back to forgehub once in a while to see whats new. I have made a couple new maps recently but I am debating posting them. I simply enjoy playing them with my friends.

    In review, the community has been great for me. I have learned many valuable lessons and meet plenty of wonderful people here. I am curious if you all feel the same. Leave your personal stories and your favorite parts of these last couple years. You can talk about MCC customs as well! I play MCC quite a bit!

    Thanks for being awesome,

  2. Soldat Du Christ

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  3. SgtSlaphead

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    This community is awesome! I always find it amazing how quickly I grew as a level designer by learning from everyone else and seeing some of the best maps out there vs going it alone.
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  4. NILLOC916

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    Halo 5 forge is great and the community grew a lot. But sadly, I still think the golden age of Halo Customs were in 3. The main killer of the Halo community, a silent killer that many don't recognize, was Party Chat. Before party chat, almost everyone was in game chat and people interacted with strangers in every match. That and the fantastic file share support Bungie had are what really made the community alive. Even on Reach the signs were there that the community was dying, you'd constantly go into lobbies where 3/4 or more of the lobby was in their own party chats. People closed themselves into bubbles and let the community die.

    343 has brought back the fileshare support and has definitely expanded on customs as well as adding a browser. There is hope for the Halo community. We still didn't see a return to the Halo 3 days because the scourge that is party chat was still there. Now with Halo moving to PC with MCC and later Halo Infinite,there is a new hope. The PC community doesn't have a party chat like Xbox. Yeah, there's discord but that won't stop you from hearing and communicating with the lobby you're in. Even on El Dewrito, we see the community behave much like the Halo 3 days because of greater interaction. We have made it through the dark tunnel and the light is shining on the other side.
  5. Zombievillan

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    Well said. How I miss those Halo 3 days man. With a passion.

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