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    So i found something very, very, interesting.
    I finally got a 4k TV, and booted up Halo 5: Guardians, here are my comparisons.

    OG Xbox One: Decent framerate on my map, technically playable, if you ignore the lost frames.

    Xbox One S: Framerate suffers near edges of the map, definitely noticeable.

    Xbox One X- 1080p: Seems to be running Halo 5 with emulation (but since the hardware is better, it runs better) Definitely not "supersampling" 4k. Improvement seen with framerate being even less noticeable but existent.

    Xbox One X- 4k: Ironically, since Halo 5 is running maxed out, the whole system is being used, and the overhead is still there to provide even more stable framerates across the board (doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but marginal improvement is still improvement. Definitely the best way to experience Halo 5.

    I do have a 4k recording that i could upload if yall wanted to compare.

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