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    A lot of discussion has been circulating around all of the new competitive map submissions to ForgeHub in hopes of making it into the spotlight. We have featured a lot of great content here and now would like to see what the competitive community thinks of your creations. ForgeHub is dedicated to help bring forgers some of the most valuable feedback for your maps and is proud to announce partnerships with a handful of pro players. You can view them testing community forge maps on the off chance of their own time or check back here to view announcements of official testing sessions scheduled the pros here at ForgeHub. We will have a tentative schedule for the future sessions so you can plan your availability to view the matches and discuss in advance. For now please standby as we schedule a session with Naded's livestream via twitch for our first session. You can find all of the maps we are tentatively scheduling for session 1 below:

    March 27, LIVE NOW


    DISPUTE (CTF, Slayer)
    By Blaze
    Rockets, Snipe, Camo
    ERUPT (CTF, KoTH, Slayer)
    By SaltyKoalaBear and purely fat
    Rockets, Snipe x2, Plasma Pistol, OS, Shotgun
    EDEN (Slayer, Oddball, KoTH)
    By WaiHo
    Sniper, Camo, Sentinel
    ATHELON (Ricochet, Neutral Bomb, CTF, KoTH)
    Sniper, Rockets, Charging Station
    COMPLEXION (Slayer, KotH)
    By A Haunted Army
    Camo, Rockets
    By aChunk
    Sniper, Camo

    (if time allows these may be played)

    VENOM (KotH)

    By The Fated Fire
    Rockets, OS, Camo, Snipe

    ORION (KotH)
    By SecretSchnitzel
    Rockets, Snipe, OS, Camo

    By SHIFTY time

    ORACLE (Slayer, CTF)
    By SquallyDaBeans

    In no way do these maps reflect :343:'s final selections for Season 2 of the Halo Championship Series events. ForgeHub is conducting these tests with pro players independently and will be evaluating the feedback from both the creative and competitive communities combined. We appreciate all of the submissions and hope to keep the energy going. This collaboration between creator and player is something we really look forward to exploring more in the future as well. Stay tuned for more map testing sessions like the one as we plan to host a few more before April 5th.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WARHOLIC, Mar 22, 2015.

    1. coIdFUSI0N
      Did you read its description?
    3. Zombievillan
      I knew I wouldn't make the cut :(
      The map is a CTF style design and it needs to be set up properly before handing off for pro players to test. If you make the necessary changes perhaps it will be played in another pro player session. We will be seeing more miniature events like this at ForgeHub in the future, so keep your hopes up and forge on;)
    5. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      werent these maps already rejected for HCS? Whats going on here? Where am I?
    6. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      They were initially rejected, but after some discussion between :343: and the Community Cartographers, the criteria changed slightly.
      "asymms are being looked at. Fo Sho"
    8. Blaze
      Awesome news, can't wait to watch. Just as a heads up though, Dispute only plays CTF. I'm not sure how it would play as it was designed just for CTF and I'm not sure that would do it justice but should I go ahead and set it up for this session?

      All beautiful and solid maps. Been loving almost every game on these while testing. Good luck to everyone, I hope to see them all get positive reviews and great feedback!
      Thanks Blaze, updated the game type for the test session on Dispute. Not sure how I got that wrong - lots of copy and paste I guess :-/
    10. Zombievillan
      I just wish I hadn't blown it so bad right off the bat. Problem is, the initial spawn problem was an accident from rebuilding on Skyward but as far as the other spawns I am having alot of trouble locking down the spawn system in h2a. I'm not sure what the difference is but my system I used in Reach & H4 is failing me now.
    11. Blaze
      No problem. Had to make sure. Good write up otherwise. :)
    12. SecretSchnitzel
      Not gonna lie, bit peeved here that Eden is getting pushed for KotH when it doesn't offer gameplay that's anything special for that gametype. Hell, there's at least 3 maps with KotH being listed as a primary gametype being pushed before Orion, which is flat out shameful. Worse yet, the only map that actually plays better Hill, Athelon, doesn't even have that listed as a primary gametype. What are we smoking here guys?
    13. WaiHo
      I am really happy and honored that Eden is being tested for this! However I was wondering why it is only being tested for KotH atm? The original design (Blackthorn) was designed around KotH, however with the redesign I made sure that it could support Oddball and Slayer as well so that it could support multiple gametypes well.

      Anyway really excited to see some forge maps get into the HCS!
    14. Zombievillan
      I liked Hill on Orion but doesn't it fall under the remake/reimagination category? Not that its a bad thing but its practically Construct re-imagined. When I played it during the tests I had 2 bad spawns but honestly, that's great imo. I haven't been able to nail the spawns down in H2A yet to save my life so your doing good as far as I am concerned. Truly though I liked the way it played Hill.

      I wasn't a huge fan of Complexion but I think its because I didn't play it enough. It was really confusing to me especially in the 1st impression. That's a perfect name for the map because it seems crazy complex & busy at 1st. I think once you have decent knowledge of the map it is proably a different story. I just need more games on it. The list looks legit to me, cant wait to see where it goes from here. Wish I was on it, lol.
    15. purely fat
      purely fat
      Am I the only one who doesn't think complexion is complex. The lines of site are a bit busy but a decent player should be able to realize that you can get shot from a ton of directions including straight above when they see how many holes the map has and play it like any other single atrium styled map and go to the light bulb.
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    16. A Haunted Army
      A Haunted Army
      not the only one, once people get a good look at the map they don't think it's as complex is it first appears. it's just very overwhelming first few times on it because it isn't your standard chunky geometry as you see on most forge maps.
    17. SecretSchnitzel
      Not complex at all, but the sight lines are pretty busy. You really hit the nail on the head with that critique. All the same, I think it's a great map that offers a real unique play style not already exemplified by the Disc Maps, and it excels at CFT and Slayer with potential for Bomb and Ball.

      That factor was thrown out already as its not exactly a remake, but it is a spiritual successor. Then again, spiritual success can be loosely applied to several of the maps in the running, most prominently Dispute. Construct though is a unique style of map that we haven't had anything remotely similar to since H3, so Orion still is a "fresh" map considering the lack of other comparable maps. Of course, because it's not very original compared to some of the other maps listed (although many of them aren't actual that "original", all things considered), I can imagine it having strong opposition from the forge community. Especially from designers who have more experimental designs in the running. Looking at you Fated and Waiho! ;)

      Big kicker here is, Construct Hill and Nexus Hill were two of the most well recieved KotH variants we've ever had in the pool. It is that exact style of Hill gameplay that the fans and players want to see return, and that's the kind we should provide. Sure we have some unique asymm maps that play a decent hill, but that's not the style that's wanted. What style is better is matter of opinion, and of course we know which I prefer.
    18. Zombievillan
      Key word there PF, "decent player". I strive to become one of those someday, lol. Don't get me wrong its not a bad map & I agree with a Haunted Army that it is definitely different from the standard geometry of maps. I really kinda suck at Halo compared to how I used to be because I just cant play enough but I also only got 2 games on it. I found myself struggling to memorize the map & orient myself after spawning. As I said though, I am sure with more experience this isn't a problem and if it was it wouldn't be in this thread I imagine so don't take my comment personal.

      @ Schnitz, please don't take my comment as talking down on Orion. I really do enjoy KoTH on it. It was fun even for a bad player like myself.
    19. purely fat
      purely fat
      Erupt has that style of hill gameplay.

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