Aesthetic Photo Booth 2

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    Photo Booth
    Canvas Map: Ravine
    Download Link: LINK
    Gamertag to Search on Xbox LIVE: TrashnSuicide

    Map:Photo Booth (Ravine)
    By: TrashnSuicide
    Supports: Regicide, Team

    In need of a new screen shot? or maybe a machinima set then this map is worth a look.

    It has many locations for Screenshots and Video footage
    Invite and Slaughter your friends for some epic kill captures,
    or get that hard to organize clan photo.

    All Weapons and Vehicles are available,
    Teleport fast travel system.

    This is a second Photo Booth since the first one got such a good response.

    My Map pack has been delayed slightly, RL you know how it is.





    Any feedback is good. enjoy
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    the green screen makes this map pointless now

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