(Obstacle) Mongoose Course 8

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    Mongoose Course 8
    Mongoose Obstacle Course 8

    Backup links:
    http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=5565833&player=Ninja Snipedown
    http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/FileDetails.aspx?fid=5565806&player=Ninja Snipedown

    Welcome, this is yet another Mongoose Course i'm publishing to Forgehub. To be exact the 3rd to ForgeHub, and the 8th in the series. In the below text i'll be giving you a description, background, and design information. If you just interested in the map itself (& gametype) then skip to the pictures, and then download.

    - The map is 8th in ther series, 7th to the public, 3rd to ForgeHub. This map will test your abilities on the Mongoose. This is like no other course you see out there, this one has specially design obstacles for Mongooses only, and arn't at easy as you many think. (OMG A RAMP! Lame; lol, you wish). Not only will it test your skills, it will test your mental capabilites, and yes, like no other course obstacle course, you always gotta have a little gamble moving onto the next stage. So yes, there will be blood!... And going the wrong way.... Boring...

    - The Mongoose Course series was invented early july of 09. And has been going strong for a year now. I've only made a few for ForgeHub (Published to ForgeHub), mostly they've been for friends only. About two months later is when it started to get cool. I've been asked by numours people for the right to use my maps in a contest, winner got Mongoose Master Title, on a privite Halo fan site. It took the winner over 2.5 hours to complete, or a 5M:28Secs to complete nonstop. On on the 2nd course. I've been on Bungie.net Homepage, and on favorites x2, soon have Mongoose4course on Favorites again.

    - About 2 has been for looks only, the fourth was an ODST theme, an entire city, with obstacle between each building, and you had to go through the skyscrapper about 3 times, floor to floor, until you reach the top to win. The 7th, was a giant cave. The 6th got deleted but, yet people did play it so I still count it.

    - The design of my courses are quit simple at first, but eventaully doesn't follow my orginal designs. The first few followed the simple rule of, the higher you got, the harder it became, in three to five levels, to the now named "stages." No it's a random scatter plot of stages, but still does like to gradully climb in altitute, for anti-cheating purposes. You'll now get teled to the next stage, via Halo: Reach, on average there are 5 stages atleast, and about 30+ obstacles. The Halo 3's courses had about 14, because of the budget, and item limit sadly. But still is long to complete.

    - Now to design has come to a simple devastating look, it self intimadates everyone who looks, I have several close friends who tried maybe 30 mins and got past only the first three obstacles and stromed out of the room. Makes me feel like I got my job done. Now, that was on Halo 3, where the uber Forge abilites were tricks, and not tools, so I couldn't really make them as challengeing as in Halo: Reach. *Enjoy.

    Fun Facts:
    - Over 5 total man hours!
    - Over 6 hours of testing!
    - Everything is possible, so don't give up.
    - No traps this time, no time.
    - Version 1.1, yes v1 was for friends.
    - ForgeHub alternate ending.
    - 8th in the series.
    - Number 9 is already completed, lol. (Friends only)
    - The most intense you have ever seen in this catorgory.
    - A taste of my best one made. (Video *Requires SilverLight*)

    Now what you've been wating for, screenshots. (Not many, as I don't want you planning on how to complete it. Just some overviews)

    Spawn/ First stage

    Second Stage

    Third Stage[​IMG]
    Ever Heard of Rock Climbing? Well not as easy on a Mongoose.

    Forth stage/ Maze entrance!

    Credits Room: Winning Room

    So, what ya thinking? Easy? Prove it.

    Don't forget to Tag, download, and rate (Like).

    - TSK
    - NS
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    Looks pretty good. Well thought out. I can imagen this is not easy at all and would love to try it. Im just curious if you have a record time though
  3. Ninja Baby

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    Tried this map ages ago, loved it.
    I would remove the FX though, it kind of makes things hard to see.
  4. xMLGx InStINcTx

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    Thats the point. It is supposed to be hard.
  5. QsxReCoiLz

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    I dislike maps with dark FX on but I like the idea and challenging courses are always good so I will give it a go :)
  6. Th3n0ob5LaYuh

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    This is old, but I have a track that I'm almost positive will make everyone here rage quit... #N0obChallenge

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