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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Woahdae, Aug 28, 2020.

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    I really like OFSREagle's reticle training maps for shot & movement warmup. The little floating squares he made have a satisfying "ding" when you shoot them, which I like better than exploding barrels or something.

    However, they're not really made for target practice, and are a bit small for running & gunning. Anyone know, or know how to find out, how to make them bigger?

    I went into forge and poked at it for an hour, and figured out how to ungroup them and fuss with other stuff, but not their basic size.

    That must be baked in to their model? How would I change that? Or how would I make a new, larger square that dings to put into a map?
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    You'd have to recreate all the scripting on larger versions of all the blocks, perhaps ask the map maker about it, also side note but if its an accuracy test then surely the smaller objects would provide the most benefit because you become more accurate? Its easy to hit a 128×128 a monkey could do it but its hard to hit a small 4x4 or 2x2 and if you get better at doing it you get better at aiming, surely that's the point of an *accuracy* test map hahaha

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