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    I've been noticing a trend from all sorts of FH members giving less shits about their map posts. This could be because of many reasons and those aren't the issue. The big problem is its happening in the first place. I remember when Ascend would catch up with people on this and it was managed well, but over all I feel there needs to be a larger emphasis on encouraging people to share more details about their work.

    I'm not exempt from this by any means and I'm not even sure its a rule that descriptions even need to be descriptive and images need to be comprehensive. But here's some suggestions I have:

    - When posting a map, have a brief piece of text that emphasises that more than 1 and elaborate map pictures is preferred. (Maybe there's even an option to not be able to submit a map with less than two images?)

    - Have examples of "good" descriptions available to users in the new map post UI so they can be inspired and help keep the site not only consistent, but up to standard of quality.

    - Encouragement from other users. I Know we don't all have hours of free time to go around new maps and add our words of wisdom, but if you see a new map that could do with some more images or a better description and you have 5 minutes, just give them a friendly run down of the way we usually do things.

    Again, I dunno if this is even site protocol and its probably just me that's bothered by this, but it just feels like some of the users don't care anymore and even minor issues like this can lead to bigger problems given the mindset it breeds.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this,
    Sam :)
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    I agree, I think it helps a site like this when there is more description and overall engagement. That is why this forum exists and it helps everyone involved when we try to be diligent and help each other out.
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    I'm an older member using the site to find maps now. The worries from above ring true.
    The Halo 3 map posts have enough descriptions that I can see it in my head, even if the Photobucket links broke (not all the posts have broken links), so some posts [example] are still gorgeous.

    The site was for forge maps, makes sense to make that the priority. Especially without the support from 343 or Bungie to make filesharing palatable.
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