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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by cryonis, Mar 10, 2021.

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    Im new to making forge maps, and i just want some begginer tips for things like getting ideas for maps and actually making good maps.
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    Everyone gets their ideas from different places but an easy place to get started is build what you know. Have a look around where you live pick something that looks cool and make it the centre-piece of your map. As fpr making good maps its all about how it plays you could make the best looking map ever but if it doesn't play well people won't like it my advice (which is in no way perfect) is to always keep how people are going to be engaging and moving throughout your map. Other that simply just building and iterating will help, the only way to become experienced is to go and get the experience haha
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    Refer to a map that you consider good. Ask yourself what design decisions contributed to its success, in your eyes. Try to replicate those traits, but with a different execution.

    Put yourself in the eyes of the player, and analyze all the potential scenarios a play space might provide.

    Listen to feedback. Don’t get attached to your creation. Be mentally flexible. Learn from every mis-step.
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