New BTB/Slayer map in the Works.

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    New BTB/Slayer map in the works. The map is still bare in lots of places, lots of inspiration taken from Gears of War.

    Map Description.
    "A once formidable defence took place amongst this forgotten fort. The cries from the souls of those who were lost can still be heard to this day"

    The current title for this map is "Forgotten Fort." When you jump into a match it will be evident that a long and hard battle took place amongst the ruins of this old pre-covenant war fort. Countless battles have taken place here, the map has its own story to tell as you battle your opponents to achieve ultimate victory.

    The map will be a box shape □ with the centre of the box being the main arena. Lots of long, mid and short range engagements for more options and choice of play style.

    Currently no vehicle's are planned to be used to traverse the long war torn alleys but lots of choice of weaponry.

    Plans currently are to make the map playable for BTB/Slayer and possibly infection.

    Screenshots of the map can be found here v v


    We all like a bit of feedback, so why don't you tell me what you think?
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