New 2v2 map - need help testing

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    Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20190426_164.jpg Edited_ImageEasyImageEditor_20190426_163.jpg made a slop-out of a new 2v2, it's hard for me to get in consistent lobbies lately so if anyone can put some tests in and leave feedback i will appreciate it

    the map is called hierarchy, it's inspired by a map xamples made a while ago but i fon't think wyrven ever finished the art. It has 3 teleporters on the map, 2 two-way teleporters that bridge the gap between lanes ans 1 one-way telepirter that sends you cross map. It is a very fast and mobile map. There is one damage boost spawning at 60 second intervals and just a bunch of mags and nades.

    download: DuChrist

    here's an example of hoe you can use the telepirters to dance around the map:
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    Always up for testing 2v2s

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