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    Ok, so basically I'm trying to make an invasion gametype. I've been trying to implement the mechanic you see in "night of the mantis" where you have a point system and can buy things using those points. But I dont understand the number check script. Does anyone have any tips or advice? I basically need a "number check sensei" to help me understand that script.
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    I’m watching your replies ‘cause I’m right where you are. I need help on this issue also. Could someone please write a tutorial on this issue. Thanks everyone.
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    I made a map you could use to study for examples. There are four different iterations split into two types, Auto and Interact.



    The auto permanent shop automatically opens the doors for each team respectively once you get to the score requirement. It also does not close if you happen to go back below the required score.

    The auto dynamic shop opens automatically as well once you get to the required score. But this one closes if you do drop below the score again.


    The interact single shop allows you to interact with each individual box once you reach the score requirement. This one does not close if you drop below the required score, but does disable interaction if it isn't opened yet. Once interacted it will minus the respective amount from your score.

    The interact sequential shop utilizes one button and the boxes must be opened in order. So each time you interact with the shop it increases the price to the price of the next box. Again this one does not close if you already opened it, but you still must have the required score to open it. This one also minuses the respective amount from your score.

    You need to grab the cone above the shop group you want to test and enable the scripting.
    You must only have one on at a time. Use the triggers in the middle to add to your score and the other team if someone in your game is on the blue team. The shop triggers are team specific so you can't operate the other teams triggers.

    I will try to make a written tutorial for each type of shop soon.

    Here is the link to the map:
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