#N0obChallenge Track, the finale

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    So this is something I've been working on for a little while now, ive made loads of adjustments and modifications to this track, from beginning to end. I've used nearly every possible peice that I can, including duplicated pieces. (NOT MODDED AS FAR AS I KNOW) The original map I used was Colosseum wall duplication by a guy named Jordan, I take no credit for the duplication, as i have not figured out how to replicate the duplication... however I take FULL credit for every other peice placed and carefully situated. This track takes most people I've had try it, an average of an hour to complete, most of the people I had try it, didnt make it thru, and still havent. My best time in said track is 22 some odd minutes, I have video of the record time and map done on, I'll update very very soon with screenshots as I am at work atm. If anyone is interested, please PM me or simply comment! See you soon.

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