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Map Feature: Oblivion

Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Given To Fly, Oct 17, 2016.

By Given To Fly on Oct 17, 2016 at 6:40 PM
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to one of the most prestigious honors here at Forgehub, the map feature. Many of you may have seen this one coming for some time now, and we would like to thank you for your patience. Map features take quite some time to develop, because we want to ensure a quality review of the content we are spotlighting. So let's get right into it, shall we?

    Oblivion was created by MultiLockOn, and designed with 2v2 gameplay as the optimal player count. Ever since Halo CE, 2v2 gameplay has proven to be in the heart of the community as a desired playlist. It focuses on specific teamwork, and encourages strategic pushes. There is a noticeable flow of gameplay in lower player counts that expands upon a map's design. Often, players regularly move throughout the map in a flowing motion to hunt down their opponents, which is something highly dismissed in 4v4's. Of course, once you understand the fundamentals of team doubles, you have the ability to craft an environment that allows these gameplay mechanics to thrive.


    With that being said, MultiLockOn has gone to great lengths in his design choices. "I want to make sure you can't run away if the other team doesn't want you to." Is the perfect example. This means that one team must be aware of the options on the map, and plan accordingly to trap the enemy. If successfully planned out, the enemy will eventually run into a corner, or your teammate. The map layout was built intentionally taking this into consideration. From each point on the map, you are essentially in view from any other. This leads to intelligent flanks and plays.


    Vertical gameplay is something that is often misinterpreted. It is not about the height difference of one level and another, it is about the encounters that occur between those levels. Haven/Mercy is a great example of a map that lacks vertical gameplay. There are two levels of the map, yet those levels interact with each other at what is essentially a nonexistent rate. Oblivion delivers a ton of interesting encounters between height variations. The only exception on the map is the chapel room that houses the Incineration cannon. However, the entrances to and from the chapel make up for the relatively flat ground throughout that room.


    Teleports are not always incorporated effectively into maps, but I have yet to see teleporters thrive as much as the two in Oblivion. By crafting the sender nodes to be "drop in" only, you are forced to make a commitment of actually going through. By placing the destinations of the teleporters in mid-air, Multi has eliminated the campy behavior commonly expressed around receiver nodes. Additionally, these brilliant teleports allow for varying strategies. By ground pounding through, you can create an offensive push forward to flush people out, or finish a kill. By stabilizing just as you enter the teleporter, you can emerge floating in a more practical method of arrival, and scope out the situation.


    Oblivion sets a high bar of success in terms of visuals. It was inspired initially from the recent release of DOOM for current generation consoles. The captivating art style appealed to Multi's creative side, and soon after, his imagination ran wild. A fire-bathed chapel and spiraling rock structures help illustrate the setting of Hell. The dark nature of the map plays off of this concept. The only real sources of light come from heat, whether it be the flames surrounding the map, or the molten lava below your feet. Never before have indoor forged environments been illuminated with such realism as Oblivion.

    Thank you to @MultiLockOn for creating the map, and taking the time to be apart of the video feature, we are extremely proud to add Oblivion to the hall of fame here at Forgehub. You can download Oblivion by clicking the header image at the top of the page, the link below, and of course through the content browser.

    Oblivion - MultiLockOn
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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Given To Fly, Oct 17, 2016.

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