2-4 Players Irontide (with video)

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    Overview with weapon and powerup spawns:

    Bottom middle from Straights:

    Lift portal / Invis:

    Sniper 2 looking top mid:

    Behind BR tower/gold tower:

    Under lift / Invis:

    Looking into Portal Room from top mid:

    Lift jump:

    Sniper from the front:

    -= Spawn Times =-
    BR - 30 seconds (dynamic)
    Plasma Pistol - 30 seconds (dynamic)
    Grenade - 45 seconds (dynamic)
    Sniper - 60 seconds (static)
    Invis - 2 min 30 seconds (dynamic)

    -= Description =-
    Lockout and Guardian - two asymmetrical maps of similar philosophical design with interconnecting pathways between power positions. Irontide brings to the table a vision of similar perspective wherein players can creatively navigate by exploring the vast options when jumping throughout the map. With a sniper and its counterpart, an invis, the balance of Irontide weighs solely on the skill and cunning of the players in battle. Explore Irontide and see for yourself the countless opportunities to exercise your dexterity to outwit your opponent.

    Campaign leaderboard position: Halo:CE Pillar of Autumn 10:07

    Feedback survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8BF9N9S

    -= Note =-
    This map was inspired by Lockout and Guardian for being great maps in both 1v1 to 4v4 situations. I believe that it is possible to recreate the aspects of Lockout and Guardian that made them so successful without replicating the geometry of those maps. Thank you to those of you who are taking the time to watch my video and review pictures and an extra thank you with love to those of you who play Irontide and review it on both Forgehub and through the Irontide Survey. Thank you for any subscribes, likes, and comments! I look forward to using your feedback for my next creation!
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