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Discussion in 'Halo and Forge Discussion' started by Dobam, Apr 26, 2020.

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    Hey.. hmmm I'm an old rusty member since Halo 3, I made a bunch of maps throughout all the halo games such as Reach, H3, and of course H4.

    But whats up with this new forging system in Halo 5 ? I feel like i need to learn how to bike again....
    I might need some help for orientation if you guys have any tips and tricks or a whole video tutorial or have the time to help me out that would be nice!

    Quick Shoutout to I PAINTS I, EIGHTBALL, Behemoth, X2sora and all of the bros

    My gt is : Le Dobam

    Hope to see some old and new faces around my forge lobbies ;)
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    Idk where to start, there is a huge learning curve with h5 forge, but it might be worth it to learn just for the sake of being caught up when infinite comes out, gl :yes:
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    The french canadian returns.
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    Welcome back!

    It's not the most intuitive to learn coming from old forge but it's way more efficient when you get into it.
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