I have a really laughable question/complaint

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    I don't play Halo much, but I've recently picked back up the controller. In fact I've maybe played only a few games before this week in the course of 4 or so years, no joke.

    But I came back to the game and hopped right into matchmaking, and got my ass beat by a team of players in regular CTF on the Pit. And not just a regular beating, but a spawnkill fiesta as their team flag-juggled the win in a matter of a few minutes. I checked to see if I queued for regular TS, and sure enough I did. The next game I had a pretty decent game with 23/5 in a slayer match. So surely my skills hadn't been degraded much. I felt like I wasn't lacking what I had when I quit Halo

    But over the course of the next 10 or so games, about 8 of them had teams full (mine included) of random players whose strafing was excellent, could 4 shot me without much difficulty, and missile-guided frag grenades that tend to magically know where I was going to land. I felt like a third wheel.

    I don't remember the ratio of skilled players being this high. I think to myself, "well maybe it's good, I'll get better". But after going negative for the umphteenth time, I just sorta throw in the towel and give up for the day.

    So my main question is, are there many bad/mediocre players in Halo 3 left? Do I just need to "git gud kid", or are players just better in shooters on average nowadays? I figure the last one might be the case since gen-z and whatever millennials that game nowadays have grown up on shooters, whereas I grew up on Nintendo games and didn't touch Halo until like 09 when I believe more players were bad at shooters. It's weird to think I'm getting my ass beat by kids who I probably laughed at back in the day for being terrible.


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    I think it's because the people who still play it are fans who are still very dedicated and have lots of experience. Maybe some have never stopped. I'm just as mediocre at Halo as I have ever been but I feel the general population back then had worse skill overall because of the huge amount of players playing the game and maybe also took it a little less seriously.

    My two cents.
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    When population drops, the most skilled players remain. The casual newbies are always the first to ditch the game to find something else to get rekt in. It happens every time. It's easy to feel like you're good in a new game that has a high population.
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    The PC crowd will be pretty fresh. That'll be a good place to settle back in with an equal footing.
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    I believe they did some work on the matchmaking end as well placing players based on skill level. There is a chance the matchmaking engine is doing its job to place you were you need to be.

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