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    ---Update: Deadline pushed back to April 15th---
    Welcome back folks, its been a while since we announced our last Forge contest and we've got a special treat in store for you this time around! Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a Husky Raid Forge contest! We've got some amazing prizes including cash, signed posters, pocket lint, and more!

    We would also like to announce that this contest is being held in association with 343's multiplayer sustain team members and that the top contenders will be potentially considered for matchmaking implementation!

    Husky Raid is probably the most popular Action Sack game mode since Grifball; however, we have haven't seen many maps for it that uses Forge to its full potential. That's where you all come in! With the help of the Forge community this game mode might finally receive some justice by accompanying it with a wide variety of fantastic environments. So pick up your pens, pencils, crayons, controllers and lets get to work!

    If you're still wondering what Husky Raid is don't worry, it can be explained in a single sentence. However, a picture is worth a thousand words so we'll provide both.
    • Husky Raid is a fiesta version of CTF on linear style maps.
    pro strats.jpg

    The 'Fiesta' game mode provides players with random weapons each time they spawn, creating some of the most unbalanced gameplay to exist in Halo. That said, who doesn't enjoy rolling the dice every once in a while? Dead bodies and power weapons will start to pile up fast! Pro Strat: If you don't like the weapon you spawned with just steal one from the corpse next to you. If you'd like to watch a video of some gameplay you can take a look here: Husky Raid. If your eyeballs start bleeding from the chaos, don't worry, that's normal.

    As usual, ForgeHub will be providing $1000 cash for prizing but this time we're able to provide some icing on the cake thanks to our friends at 343! Blaze, multiplayer sustain designer, suggested a fantastic idea where he will print a poster image of the winning map and have some of the staff over at 343 sign it for you!

    1st Place: $500 + Signed Map Poster by 343

    2nd Place: $300 + ForgeHub T-Shirt

    3rd Place: $200 + ForgeHub T-Shirt

    - Top maps will be added to ForgeHub's featured maps library and will also be potentially considered for matchmaking implementation.

    There are a total of 7 map templates to choose from and decorate that display a slight variety in gameplay. Similar to our 'Grifball' contest, judging will primarily be based on the creative & artistic qualities of your work. These templates are quite small and simple; providing forgers with a large creative budget to make something visually spectacular. Forgers are allowed to make alterations to the templates as long as they follow the spirit of the gametype and don't negatively impact gameplay. You can download the templates by clicking on the link or image below. Please note that these are 'prefabs' and not 'maps'.​

    Template #1

    Template #2

    Template #3
    down ramp.jpg

    Template #4
    two lane.jpg

    Template #5
    zig zag.jpg

    Template #6

    Forgers will be given approximately one month to complete their work. Entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM PST on April 15th, 2019. Maps should be properly set up to support the Fiesta Capture the Flag gametype, found in the official Halo 5 gametype list.

    To submit your map, simply create/login to your account at, visit the "Maps" page and click on the "Add Map" icon. Eligible submissions must contain at least 3 images per map. YouTube gameplay videos or walkthroughs are not required but are encouraged.

    To submit your map to this contest please post your ForgeHub map link to this thread below. We will keep all info and submission content contained within this single thread.

    Example Map Submission
    Gamertag: Whos Blaze
    Template: #4
    Map Link:

    Grace Period
    We will be providing forgers with a one week 'grace period' after the submission deadline allowing forgers to make 'technical' adjustments that don't impact the artistic integrity of the map. Some of the edits forgers can make are listed below:

    - performance / lighting
    - gametype support
    - player containment
    - intro / outro cameras
    - collision boundaries

    Eligible map submissions will be judged based on 'visual' and 'technical' aspects only. This means that 'layout' and 'gameplay' will not play a role in our assessment. Our primary focus is 'visual'; we want you to decorate these templates to the best of your creative ability. If a map has minor performance issues then it still has a chance to win; however, it will need to excel in its 'visual' criteria to make up for it. If a map has severe performance issues, it could result in disqualification, so please be mindful of performance while you build to maximize your chances of winning.

    • Does the map have a strong artistic theme or immerse the player into a believable environment?
    • Does the map display a strong level of originality or creativity in its appearance?
    • Does the map make full use of the tools available?

    • Does the map support the intended gametype? Are all required objects and systems in place to successfully play a game?
    • Does the map suffer from any negative performance issues?
    • Does the map meet current matchmaking standards? (player containment, object alignment, intro / outro cameras, etc.)
    • Whos Blaze
    • Randy 355
    Q. What maps can I forge on?

    A. Your map can be forged on one of the blank canvases - Barrens, Depths, Tidal, Alpine, Glacier, Parallax, or Breakout Arena. It can also be forged on any of the Halo 5 disc maps; however, they can ONLY be used as a blank canvas. You CANNOT use existing geometry on disc maps.

    Q. Are there age requirements?

    A. No. Anyone who submits a map will be eligible to claim a prize.

    Q. Can I co-forge with my friend(s)?

    A. Yes! We love seeing community collaboration, so co-forging is allowed. However, be aware that your map must have a primary author who will receive any contest winnings.

    Q. Is there a limit on creation date?

    A. No, there is no limit on the creation date. Maps submitted to ForgeHub before this announcement may be eligible to win.

    Q. How many maps may I submit?

    A. You may submit as many maps as you'd like, however a 'primary author' can only win once.

    Q. Are remakes from non Halo games allowed?

    A. Yes, but it will affect future matchmaking consideration as 343 cannot use content of other IPs. That being said, you are still eligible for the other prizes.

    Q. How will prize money be distributed to winners?

    A. Winners will need to have a valid PayPal account to receive prize money.

    Anyone found to be plagiarizing maps OR PRE-FABS from other forgers without their permission will be disqualified, and shall forever be shunned by the forge community (so don't do it).

    Thanks for being such an inspiring community! We're really looking forward to seeing what you create! Special thanks to our friends at 343 for making this collaboration possible. The sustain team has been doing an excellent job at featuring more Forge content and creating new and fun playlists for everyone. Lets help out and make some incredible Husky Raid maps!

    - :heart: :forgehub: The ForgeHub Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WARHOLIC, Feb 10, 2019.

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    1. lNeedMoreBleach
      if the 2 weeks extra is partially there to ensure everyones maps are polished then a grace period is no longer necessary.
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      Some people might be making another map or even started late, there is many reason. The grace period is there for tweaks to technical aspects of the map so the main focus can be be given to the aesthetics. This way if people want to make it playable or work properly then they can, but it is not required.
    3. a Chunk
      a Chunk
      This should have just been advertised as an aesthetic competition. That's obviously what it is since there's no longer a requirement to even make a map playable.

      I'm not participating in this competition, but I'll say on behalf of anyone that is, it get's really frustrating when guidelines and expectations change after a contest is already well underway. I feel like the originally announced guidelines should have been stuck to, for better or worse, out of fairness to the participants who adhered to them.
    4. Yami
      To be fair here, they were rather clear that the main focus will be aesthetics. Nothing really changed, except for the deadline to be pushed back. But other than that, nothing changed.
    5. CertifiedChamp
      The post literally said that performance is a factor, not a main judging point but a factor
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    6. Yami
      Duh. I'm literally talking about the main factor though. Did they stray off from that? Nope.
      It even says that even if performance is low, there is still a chance of winning if the aesthetics outshine it.
      Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
    7. lNeedMoreBleach
      i completely agree.

      the simple fact the grace period is there to fix or adjust anything in the technical aspects as far as even performance / lighting which directly influence a maps anesthetics an will infringe on a maps aesthetic quality.
      whats the point of even having the grace if it make a whole aspect of the judging void.

      its a competition why should we be given a free pass for our own oversights no matter how silly the problem is.
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    8. lNeedMoreBleach
      then just remove the technical aspects of the judging except performance. if it not even a requirement for it to work. it is just a waste of time for everyone judges and forgers alike to spend time on a grace period and judging time for what you've just said isn't even a requirement to judging.
    9. Blaze
      To reconfirm, judging criteria has not changed and is not changing. Only the submission date. We’ve decided to push it back for various reasons but should only readily in higher quality and quantity of submissions. Forgers who have already submit have the opportunity to update their maps or submit another map, if they would like. And others have the opportunity to finish up or start something themselves.

      Tomorrow, I will be making a post to elaborate a bit more on some of the technical aspects and just some tips on how to make your map matchmaking ready. If we are able to use them in this manner in the future, this will be helpful toward our goal and appreciated greatly but, once again, will not change the judging criteria. :)

      On a side note, i hope everyone is having an enjoyable time forcing for this. The submissions so far are all great and I can’t wait to see more!
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    10. Sikamikanico
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    11. LazyStudio

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    12. Sins of Truth
      Sins of Truth
      This better be an elaborate April fools hoax.
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    13. The muddler
      The muddler
      My Top 10 Husky Raid Maps so far.

      This was going to be uploaded the day the competition ended but it was extended so I will release this video today. In two weeks I will update the list with a new video.
      I hope you all enjoy.
      Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
    14. Unsorted Gaming
      Unsorted Gaming
      You do realize there is still 15 more days? :) more maps will come

      (update) nvm, saw the video and you DO realize. Hahah Great video nonetheless.
      You should keep making Map Features like these, you are doing a great voiceover. But music is a bit to loud.
      Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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    15. Sins of Truth
      Sins of Truth
      Too bad INeedMoreBleach can't play as well as he can forge ;)
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    16. The muddler
      The muddler
      Thanks a lot, Sound is definitely my weakness that's for sure. I will try and look into it in the future and thank you for the support. I hope you win and good luck.
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    17. Blaze
      Below you will find tips on how to get your map up to a matchmaking quality. These will not alter the judging criteria in any way from the original post, however, it is greatly appreciated if these qualifications are met!

      Player collision example:


      - Players should walk and slide boost smoothly without bumping or losing momentum.
      - Alleviate snaggy/sticking corners with slightly angled invisible blockers (for the player only) as long as it looks natural when walking against it
      - Make sure that all staircases and detailed floors are projectile blocked

      [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

      Gameplay item examples:

      - At least 8 initial spawns per team, with 4 of those spawns points set to set to “spawn order 0” as primary spawns and 2 secondary initials set to “spawn order 1” and the final 2 set to “Spawn order 3”
      - At least 8 respawn points for each side
      - Respawn points should team appropriate colors exclusively
      - Respawn points should always be angled in the direction of the objective and conflict zones


      Containment examples:

      - Good rule of thumb, make it impossible to get out as a monitor and you probably won’t be able to escape as a player
      - Kill zones are a good back up but invisible barriers are much more reliable
      - Use invisible blocks over invisible walls any time you are able too
      - If it looks like the player can get there, it probably shouldn’t be blocked due to player expectation

      General commonly missed:

      - Make sure that there are name zones and that they cover the entire playable space
      - Intro, outro and static cameras (you will need to start with a neutral camera, if the rest are team based and outros must be set to neutral to work properly)
      - Make sure that player spawns are not blocked when enemies are near by or looking at the spawn

      For more tips, check out this amazing document by Black Picture detailing a guide to preparing your map for matchmaking!
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    18. ChrisO

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    19. lNeedMoreBleach
      performance should have a higher weight in judging
      Lol sure.
      Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
    20. Blaze
      While I agree that performance should be judged pretty strongly, because making a map with the limitation of your platform is a big part of art in gaming in general, there are some complications that come with that. The benchmark that we shoot for would be set on the original Xbox one and would ideally be matchmaking quality performance. However, many people only have an S or X and are unable to check performance on their own. In some cases performance issues only come up in forge, or in customs but not the other; and this being Fiesta based makes it even harder to tell if one map is better then the other in this area.
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