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    About 3 months ago, we made the initial announcement of the "Hub of the Dead" Infection contest, giving prizes for excellent Infection maps, and the support that the community has given it in submissions has been overwhelming. Over 130 maps were submitted within the span of about 45 days, which is incredible. After careful consideration from each of our judges, the top 5 maps have been chosen. The creators of these maps will each earn $200, as well as a spot in ForgeHub's 'Featured Maps' area, and the community will have the opportunity to choose the map they like the most too.

    We'd like to begin by thanking everyone who submitted. As mentioned before, over 130 maps were submitted. Without each and every one of those submissions, and the whole-hearted support of the community, we wouldn't have been able to hold the contest on as grand a scale as we did. Thank you to each and every forger who poured hard work into a map for our contest.

    We'd also like to thank our judges, who worked tirelessly to choose the best Infection maps out of all of the submissions. The four judges are as follows: WARHOLIC, The 0micron, PA1NTS, and REMkings. All of our judges are members of BIOC, the community group who works to help forgers improve their Infection maps through testing and whatnot. Thank you to both BIOC and our judges!

    PRIZING: $200 EACH

    by Detendez
    "Although the presence of overhead pelicans patrolling the airspace gives us some sense of security, our chances of getting off of this planet alive are slim to none. Fight alongside fellow survivors in a secluded moon base, stalking through massive blast trenches and craters. Patrol the outdoor passages to take advantage of larger sightlines or hold out in one of the three constructs to force indoor engagements. The map boasts a unique weapon set, refreshing theme, a focus on teamwork and even a couple of easter eggs. Lunar is one of those maps that gets increasingly enjoyable as you get to know the map. Detendez has crafted an amazing atmosphere to play countless games of infection on."

    by Zandril
    Boarding Pass is an Infection map based inside of a modern train station, with all of the modern conveniences (and inconveniences ;)) of a train station. Zandril, the creator, has been working on this map's layout since Halo 4, and the hard work put into making holdouts feel good, and themes feel immersive, shows. Holding out in the train station bathrooms is the best choice when you're the last man standing, as it seems someone has smuggled a SAW past security and stuck it in one of the stalls. Players can hold out in a few other areas as well. In my personal experience, holding out in the corner of the terminal area is also a viable spot, as well as in the train car with the Sniper. Other weapons on the map include a Sniper, located in one of the train cars, a Hydra, located at the turnstiles, and a few loadout weapons here and there. All in all, this map makes for a great immersive theme, matchmaking-quality gameplay, and everything players could possibly want to have fun playing Infection with their friends/enemies."

    by Preacher x21x

    "Set on an ancient coastal stone fort, Storms End provides us with a delicate blend between exterior and interior play space. The map is one of the smallest in our current line up however it doesn't play too fast due to the segmentation and placement of structure. Trap doors and broken rock hallways lead players to the basement which is set in the bottom middle of the map. Its placement is vital as it diametrically connects to the outer edges of the map, making it a core area for connectivity. Whether you're attracted to hang out on the cliff edges near the canons or seclude yourself in one of the nooks in the basement, you'll be able to have interesting and balanced engagements. The holdouts are not obvious which increases the players sense of exploration and creativity. Preacher introduces us to his greatest work to date and we're really excited to share this incredible overgrown space with you."

    STUDIO 17
    by UnknownEmerald

    "Being an Overwatch fan (kinda), I instantly saw that this map took some inspiration from the map 'Hollywood', yet different. Forger IR3CON takes a very interesting and immersive theme, and makes it feel darker and more decayed, as if something evil is coming, which of course, there is (infected). Players with a keen eye will notice that one of the stages actually holds a recreation of the set used by the hosts of the Rooster Teeth Podcast. Players can find a Sniper, Railgun, SAW, and additional Shotgun ammo hidden in various parts of the map. These weapons make for some interesting gameplay, as there is some risk associated with running towards these weapons. For example, getting the Sniper can be a challenge if it'd not picked up at the beginning of the round, as it'd located in a trench on one side of the map.
    If players are lucky, they can jump up to a few of the windows on the map, and buy themselves a few seconds of time. However, Infected players can jump up when the player isn't looking and get a quick kill. If players don't want to stick there, they can use some of the map's various sets as holdouts, or they can hide in a few areas behind some crates, buying them additional time. Overall, the map plays solid, it has an immersive theme that works well, and it's got some excellent holdouts."

    by Yeti For Hire

    "A pirate’s life is not an easy one, and Doubloon makes that very clear from the beginning. Trying to gather yourself enough to walk straight with a bad case of scurvy is hard enough, but adding a horde of infected to that and you have a real problem on your hands. Bunker down in one of the many buildings or boats, roam the beachside for supplies, seek safety in the caves, or take a chance wandering the town’s underground passages. Each holdout is unique and plays different from the rest. At first glance this map may seem simple in texturing but Yeti For Hire managed to balance that with a large variation of environments and interesting aesthetic details (along with some secret easter eggs). Stick together or walk the plank, Doubloon is a fast-paced and refreshing take on a classic, well-known theme that is sure to please all types of players."
    -The 0micron

    Once again, congratulations to all of our winners. Look for a message in your PMs from @WARHOLIC regarding your prizes. Thanks again to everyone who submitted. Without you, none of this would've been possible.
    We can't wait for what's coming up next, so stay tuned to ForgeHub for more awesome maps, and more exciting contests.

    Happy Halo-ween!
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