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    If you didn't already know, when Microsoft added the Cloud Storage service to the Xbox 360, it allowed users to automatically load all of their map variants from Reach wherever they logged in. This also is true when playing Reach on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility. If you, like me never really understood how to move your massive map variant collection over to you Cloud profile from HDD, and instead continued loading from HDD every time you played Reach, then here is how you make the move.

    Warning after this change your map collection will load automatically in Reach upon login when selecting Cloud Storage. It can take a long time to download your collection depending how large it is. Once your collection has been downloaded, it will only perform maintenance if necessary.

    Required: It goes without saying you will need Cloud Storage enabled on your 360 to perform this move.

    The lightweight:

    If you only have a few files from one or more still valid file shares, I would recommend just scribbling the map creators name + map and re-download via fileshare while logged into your Cloud Storage profile. Once the system performs a Cloud Sync your maps will be available upon loading your profile on any 360/Xbox One.

    The Forge Noob/Host:

    So you have a few maps of your own and a few you want to carry over but don't want to fuss with system files.

    Load Reach, log in, and select Local storage.
    Select Custom Game, Map, and select the map you want transferred.
    Start the Custom Game.
    Once started, cancel out of the custom game.
    Repeat this process with all the games you wish to transfer
    Log out of your profile
    Load your profile, but this time select Cloud storage
    Select Custom Game, Map and navigate to Temporary History
    Highlight one of the maps you just loaded and press X to open map options
    Press A to save your map, then back out to you Temporary History folder
    Repeat as necessary
    Once you have saved your maps, these maps will soon be uploaded to your Cloud Storage.
    To attempt to do a Cloud Storage push, you can try rebooting the system, and loading Reach.
    If successful it will say "Syncing Cloud Storage" just before you log in.

    **The Cloud stored files will not be available on other systems until the original 360 does the Cloud Sync. Once updated, it should automatically sync when logging into Cloud Storage from within Reach on other 360/Xbox One's

    The Librarian.

    So you've got a hell of a lot of maps and you ain't afraid of no crazy Cloud storage profile load times.
    (Tips Below)

    Start your 360 (Do not load the game) and go to the system setting page.
    Select System, Storage, Hard Drive, Games and Apps and then highlight Halo Reach
    Press Y to open file options, then click copy, and select Cloud Saved Games
    This will take a while. I had a few hundred files and it took 20+ minutes.
    Once completed the files will be in your Cloud Storage, just log into Reach on another system to begin the lengthy cloud sync process to access your vital map library.


    -Maps can also be transferred individually from within the 360 system storage by opening the Halo Reach folder.

    - If you already have files in you cloud storage that are also in your HDD storage the system will prompt you to either Replace Item, Replace all or No (do not replace) If you don't want to babysit the process but also don't want to "Replace All" then just rename your maps from within Reach, under your Cloud Storage profile.

    -This process will transfer alot of unwanted files. ie. Temp theater history . Delete from within Reach or or directly from the system HDDs Halo Reach folder (Delete at own risk)

    -Delete any unwanted maps before hand to help reduce cluttering of your new cloud stored files.

    If your HDD to Cloud transfer fails on a file, open your Halo Reach system folder and search to see if there are any files saved under another user name. The system will not allow transferring of files under other Xbox profiles. Only deleting the file/s will allow the transfer to complete. The alternative is transferring any missed file one by one.

    Merry Xmas!!!
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