Hot Springs

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    This is my first attempt at an asymmetrical map. Its named 'Hot Springs' because I created 3 little pools of water, aka springs. They will kill you and you can playball the oddball in them (but not in the tunnels and 'creeks' only the pools themselves will kill you and playball).

    I tried to balance the map as best I could, haven't tested it fully yet, tryin to get people for games. Im fairly happy with the map but would like alot of feedback.

    The lay out of the map is made so not one 'tower' is to over powering, although green tower throws the most cover. Green tower is closest to sniper, red tower has rockets in it and camo spawns in the middle of the springs by blue tower on a 2 minute start delay since blues initial start is near there. The rockets and sniper both teams can get to roughly at the same time off the start of the game, so I thought I made that balance equally.

    Remember, this is built into the geography of the map, there are 'natural' ledges you can use to get to areas and from 1 tower to the other, be creative and look around, you'll find them.

    I will be running alot of customs on this map and trying to perfect it, keep a look out for future versions if I feel the need to tweak stuff. And please please please, leave any and all feedback, I love critics they help build better maps.

    I test all my maps on 110% movement and 110% jump.
    And only Sprint as a loadout, if any.

    Weapons/Equipment - Timer
    7 DMRs - 10 secs
    2 Magnums - 90 sec
    1 Sniper - 180 secs
    1 Rocket Launcher - 180 secs
    1 Needle Rifle - 90 secs
    1 Shotgun - 120 secs
    3 Health Packs - 15 secs
    1 Camouflage - 2 minutes(not spawned at start)
    4 Frag Grenades - 30 secs
    4 Plasma Grenades - 30 secs

    Walkthru Video: YouTube - Hot Springs walk through

    Birds Eye View

    Looking from Green

    Looking at Green from near Red

    Above Red looking at Blue and the Octagon

    Tunnels from Blue to Red.
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    I like the idea! I will give it a download.

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