Hopscotch Minigame

Discussion in 'Reach Mini Game Maps' started by oomishday3, Sep 16, 2012.

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    gamertag: oomishday3
    map name: Hopscotch Minigame
    map download: File Share Halo Official Site
    gametype: Hopscotch Minigame Type (under infection category)
    gametype download: File Share Halo Official Site

    Play with 12-16 people. The more the merrier but it works with any party size.

    Human characteristics
    -200% jump height
    -normal movement speed
    -75% damage
    -4X overshields
    -plasma pistol + grenade launcher

    Zombie characteristics
    -25% jump height
    -normal movement
    -100% damage
    -no shield
    -normal health


    Epic Halo Reach Minigame: Hopscotch 1.1 (by oomishday3) - YouTube

    Thanks, please comment if you have an idea on how I can make it better if you think of something :)
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    Yay! I saw the video before the post, and downloaded it then. I think I was the first dl :). The map isn't very original, but that's very hard to accomplish this far into reach, and it looks nice and super fun. I'll try to test it out asap.
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    Look like a really fun game. Only complaint is them doors on the right and left, couldn't a player just stand there, on top of them. The ghosts wouldn't be able to get him.
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    The sides are soft killed. Thanks though :)
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    Nice map oomy! I have yet to play it, but it really reminds me of an idea of my own, which involves only one ghost but is very similar nonetheless. I'll wait with making that map until Halo 4 though, because I need a huge amount of shield doors so I can't really forge it in Reach without using a mod - which I don't want to. Your map seems to be a success, considering the fact that Darth is thinking about featuring it, or at least gave you some tips to improve the map. Keep up the good work and I hope to see it around on THFE sometime! :)
    And crap this makes me want to work on my minigames again, such as the Ice Cream Man remake I'm working on... :D
    I remember you messaging me on ForgeHub about a year ago: "oh wow, you're the guy that made the ice cream truck driver minigame with all the holograms? you just got 50 times cooler"
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    Darth never said anything to me about featuring it really, he ended up in my lobby because i was helping RLD put together one for a video and then he stayed and played with us for like 2 hours. If he features it I'll probably poop my pants lol. I was surprised that he took the time to reply to my 343i post on how to improve it since he only has like 3 posts, i felt honored! bahaha. I consider him to be the king of minigames so it was cool that he gave me advice. i did the whole "infinite vehicles" thing but it didn't really end up mattering that much because i have a teleport just above the water anyway (ghosts are rarely lost in action) but i do like the chaotic gameplay. it took a second to get the balance right between ghosts just getting EMPed every time and the humans getting destroyed every time. probably could've been pulled off better still but i like it :D

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