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By Nitro on May 5, 2018 at 10:48 PM
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    With the recent closure of the Season 3 Halo World Championships, 343i decided to make some changes to their next upcoming season with the addition of forge map(s*); that was announced late yesterday evening. Here's the link to that article. In addition to that, I'm going to link this article to each of the maps that are in consideration for the next season to their map post so that proper feedback can be provided to their creators.

    Below are a few items related to the forge maps in that article:

    Here’s a look at the changes that will be made for next season:
    • New Forge map(s) - Even just adding one Forge map will have a big impact on the competitive rotation for the HCS. Like with Oddball, all players will have to learn the map(s) which puts all competitors at the same level, and it should also provide viewers with some fresh gameplay to watch unfold. Our goal is to incorporate at least one Forge map to support Slayer and an objective mode. Keep reading down below for additional information on how we’re selecting the Forge map(s).

    One of the things we’re most excited about implementing is Forge maps. We’ve curated a list of competitive Forge maps for testing with the following criteria:

    • Map must perform at a stable framerate
    • Map size must support 4v4 gameplay
    • Map must support Slayer and an objective mode (CTF, Strongholds, or Oddball)
    • Measures to improve “look” of the map must be taken for a quality viewing experience (without sacrificing gameplay and framerate)








    Starting Monday, May 7, we’ll be testing these publicly to streamline the list down to the very best one or two maps that will be included in the upcoming season. This is also where pros and competitive players alike can join in and provide feedback on these maps. Once those map(s) have been found, we’ll be doing more public testing to fine tune by tweaking geometry, adjusting weapon placement, adjusting spawns and more.

    Overall, here’s a look at the timeline for when Forge maps will be tested and tuned, and when competitors can expect settings to lock for the upcoming season:

    • May 11: List of Forge maps whittled down to very best one (or two)
    • May 14: Fine tuning begins
    • June 1: Forge map(s) locked as well as maps that will be used for Oddball
    • June 8: Settings lock for the season
    Note that during this time period, public testing will be taking place multiple times each week. The HCS playlist within Halo 5 and the Official HCS fileshare will also be updated to allow players to try out the new settings at any time.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nitro, May 5, 2018.

    1. ZombieDyer
    2. Mrjabish
      This is really going to change the next HCS. I'm really surprised it took 343 this long to implement these changes to the circuit considering how great Halo 5's forge is and how passionate the community are. Never the less it's better late than never.

      Seriously looking forward to this though, thank you very much for the post!
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    3. eLantern
      How I'd rank them thus far from what I've seen and experienced:

      1. Echelon - Not to bad. I think it might have the best chance.

      2. Russet - Gives me that Halo 3 MLG Custom Map feel.

      3. Fissure - It's okay, but I don't think it works well for HCS.

      4. Sentinel - More play on this map has caused me to drop it from #2. Looks good, but map flow is meh.

      5. Data Center - I remain curious to try this with an HCS Oddball setting. Beautiful map.

      6. Vestige - I think it plays pretty poorly in comparison to the others.

      7. Furnace - I just don't see the theme working for MMing. Plays good though.

      Edit: Updated rankings
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    4. MultiLockOn
      Shame on whoever compiled this list. And shame on the people who recommended these maps instead of better ones.
    5. Nitro
      Curious as to what your list would have been.
    6. MultiLockOn
      Already went through this on Beyond, but every map in this list is a sham. And every one of them would fall apart if played competitively.
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    7. K a n t a l o p e
      K a n t a l o p e
      Link to post????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    8. NOKYARD
      For context start here.
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    9. lNeedMoreBleach
      sadly i agree that these maps probably wont work in competitive play. i think fissure, echelon and russet are the only good maps in this list but i don't think they can handle high level competitive play.
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    10. eLantern
      I wonder why maps like FullMetal, Port 66 (theme?), Aquarium, Twice Forsaken, Analogue, Outcast HCS, Conflux, Loading Zone (confusion & tight corridors?), Seatown (theme & map detail?), Nyxium (frame rate & spawns?), High Roller, High Guard, Colonial, Onyx, Outcast, Temple, Seclusion (size - too big?), or Excalibur (frame-rate & layout?) didn't get an opportunity over Vestige & Furance. I'd even include Data Center despite it being a gorgeous looking map because I feel it's designed to work best as an Extermination map and not necessarily any Core modes. Btw, was Data Center actually designed for Extermination?

      For HCS game-play I think only Echelon and Russet have any chance right now.
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    11. qrrby
      In my cotton candy rainbow land we all come together and coforge a map we'd be happy with in hcs
    12. MultiLockOn
      Or have competent selfless people handling tasks like this
    13. qrrby
      That would work too
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    14. purely fat
      purely fat
      Can't wait to hear pro's complain about whatever is chosen if it isn't a midship clone.
    15. MultiLockOn
      They'd complain even more if it's Fissure or Sentinel lol
    16. purely fat
      purely fat
      Well, whoever made a small map that is fairly open with decent spawning is going to be their favorite.
    17. Soldat Du Christ
      Soldat Du Christ
      Even stigma looks more balenced that eschelon... This is too bad, i realy hope it's not to late to turn this around @Nitro
      So who chose the maps? Was there a thorough search with a lot af different sources?
    19. SgtSlaphead
      At what point did the search for HCS viable 4v4s begin and was the community told, or was it kept quiet? Because these deadlines are very close and I'm sure if the larger community knew earlier, they might have had some time to design maps specifically for high level competitive 4v4. Pro's tend to have very niche preferences when it comes to map layouts and I think we would have a stronger map pool had forgers been given notice to design a map exclusively for this coming season.

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