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    In a recent update, you may have heard about the upcoming new forge system coming to Halo 5. The new features sound pretty spectacular and we are just as excited about them as you are. With that said, some of you will probably need a copy of Halo 5 to enjoy them. That's where ForgeHub can help out. We are hosting a brand new contest starting today allowing three of you the chance to win a copy of Halo 5!


    If you're new to the scene, submissions to an aesthetic contest are judged exclusively on creativity / visuals and have nothing to do with gameplay experience. To be clear, no gameplay will be needed for us to judge the visual experience of your creations.

    You can create anything you like as long as it is themed around Halloween in some spooky way.


    Three winners will receive a digital copy of Halo 5. No numerical hierarchy for top placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd), three of you together will be celebrated and congratulated equally.

    10 DAYS
    OCTOBER 21

    This will be a timed contest. The submission period begins NOW, and will run for one week. A finalized version of your creation must be submitted on ForgeHub by 12 AM EST, October 21.

    You can create your Halloween theme on any Halo game (Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 2A) and submit it to us as long as the creation date is on or past October 1, 2015. Maps for this contest can be submitted by posting the following information. This thread will also serve as the official submission thread.

    - Your Gamertag
    - The name of your map
    - Pictures or video of your map


    <3 - The ForgeHub Team
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by WAR, Oct 11, 2015.

    1. ThisIsNotTheNSA
      Sorry if this has been answered somewhere I didn’t see, but should these maps all be for H2A, or can we use any forgeable game in MCC?
    2. R3stinP3ac3
      Aww sucks for me I don't know if this counts but I made a space station map that is supposed to feel creepy I even made it so I scripted the map to have really dark phases and back to normal. Either way unless I find a better apartment I guess I'm out.
    3. Given To Fly
      Given To Fly
      As happy as I am to see contests and a growing community, the last paragraph in the OP has absolutely removed my interest in this one. I'm well aware it is not certain the quote above is what will happen, however; I simply cannot imagine the staff members or judges of the contest absolutely do not have time to even load the map up and walk around to get an actual feel for the theme. If that is the matter, then why even have a contest? I don't mean to complain here, I just cannot agree with such a rushed version of grading people's work when judging all the entries would only take a single night. Determining a winner without even loading the map is incredibly lazy, unorganized, and against my views of how the community should be functioning.

      Again, I'm sure that may not be the way things end up being judged, but just mentioning it is enough to push me away. Aesthetics are an important part of map making, and simply looking at a picture does not do even the best maps justice. I am extremely happy to see a thriving community again, and good luck to all the entries! Seriously, I love seeing people get interested again, especially with such terrific prize pools in this and the last few contests. Just not overly enthusiastic about things behind the scenes.
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    4. WAR
      @All - I'm so sorry about the initially posted judging process, it was never my intention to support a contest where maps are judged by the images alone. It was always my intention to view your submissions "in-game", this is a huge miscommunication error on my part with our staff. I have been extremely busy so I asked for help to write this article. While I completely re-wrote the article, I somehow left that last detail untouched. This won't happen again, I'll make sure to release contest details with more scrutiny in the future.
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    5. Buddy Jumps
      Buddy Jumps
      I'm getting my hands on this.... Hmm, braiiins!
      I haven't preordered Halo 5.
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    6. zakos1
      Just spent a few hours on this. If I win It will be the first halo I haven't bought the physical copy for :0
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    7. Zombievillan
      Yeah, I don't want that much memory on my hard drive gone for halo. I already had mcc digital & that was a huge amount of space. I'll just buy the hard copy & give someone else a chance. Haha.
    8. darkprince909
      I believe the game still needs to be installed, regardless of whether you have the disk. Don't quote me on that though.
    9. ald_
      Only one submission per person, I assume?
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    10. A Haunted Army
      A Haunted Army
      yes, 1 submission per person.
    11. Zombievillan
      Quoted! >:p

      Surely it takes up less room to install & play off the disc right? Or is that not how it works?...

      Surely you don't buy a physical copy & install it then never use the actual disc again.
    12. darkprince909
      Way I understand how the Xbox works is the disc acts as a key, just to make sure you own the game, but it runs straight off the hard drive.
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    13. Zombievillan
      That seems stupid. Granted I only have mcc & advanced warfare, but it seems like that doesn't leave much room for many games. Way to suck our blood Microsoft. Sorry to get off topic here.
    14. darkprince909
      If you're hurting on space, a USB 3.0 external hard drive will work with the Xbox One, and due to USB 3.0's speeds compared to SATA for the internal drive, the external will actually have faster load times. Even moreso if it's an SSD.
    15. Superior Forger
      Superior Forger
      Prepare to see another awesome racetrack by Somethinlogic14 and I :)
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    16. icey76
    17. Buddy Jumps
      Buddy Jumps
      I've got a question. You mentioned that submissions are jugded by creativity and visuals. What if I want to put that extra effort into my map and add a little story behind the map, so it's actually both, an aesthetical map and an adventure (without puzzles)? Will something like that be judged along the lines of "creativity" or not at all? Will the overall spookiness of the map be included into the judging process aswell?

      That's all for now, thanks for organizing this contest and good luck to you all. May Satan be with you.

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    18. CommanderColson
      Is it alright if I recruit someone to help with little things such as scripting? Not to actually work or build the map it self, for instance, I place the light, but my little buddy scripts it so the light will turn of and on.

      Or will this be considered cheating and become considered a 'collab'?
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    19. zakos1
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